Created by Drek'TharSuperSword.

The story...Edit

One day, I was calling Dr. Zomboss for an interview on my studio, R. Giskeel Productions.

Me: Hello Zomboss!

Zomboss: Hi. Who are you?

Me: I'm Othniel Charles Marsh from R. Giskeel Productions.

Zomboss: What do you want?

Me: I want you and your zombies to be interviewed next week. Can you please come here next week?

Zomboss: 'course. But, can you give me the address?

Me: OK. Here it is. 1337 Greenhall St, Lockport, New York.

Zomboss: Leet? LOL. Are you kidding me?

Me: No sir. It's our address. I'll contact you next week just to make sure you guys come here.

Zomboss: OK. Bye.

Me: Bye.

(The following week)

Me: Hello Zomboss! How's it going? Do you want to go to our studio now?

Zomboss: Well, yeah. We're on the way now.

Me: Oh OK. I don't want to disturb you so, bye.

Zomboss: Bye.

(On the studio)

Me: Oh hi there! Looks like you have your friends here too!

Zomboss: Hi. What do you want to interview me for?

Me: Well, I would like to know where do you live, your favorite things and more. I need your friends' opinion too!

Zomboss: OK.

Me: First, where do you live?

Zomboss: I'm not telling you. It's CON-FI-DEN-TIAL!

Me: Oh please!

Zomboss: Duh! OK then. We live at 13 Armland St, Brooklyn, NY. Actually, we live together in a hotel.

Me: Is it a 5-star hotel?

Zomboss: Of course! We're rich, ya know?

Me: WOW! I can't believe that you're rich!

Zomboss: Well, I was used to be a preeminent scientist, you know.

Me: Oh. Anyways, can you tell me your favorite things now?

Zomboss: 'course.

Me: What's your favorite phone? Is it an iPhone 6? Galaxy S6? Note 4? Xperia Z4? HTC One M9? Moto G?

Zomboss: Well, it's Xperia Z4. I have it here (shows the phone to me)

Me: Can you tell me why?

Zomboss: Cuz... it has the letter "Z" on it, and Z4 stands for "zombie zombie zombie zombie"

Me: What? That's kinda ridiculous.

Zomboss: Well, we love the letter "Z" so....

Me: How about your favorite Android launcher?

Zomboss: The Z Launcher.

Me: Oh man! You seem to like anything that has the letter "Z".

Zomboss: Yup.

Me: How about you, Gargantuar? What's your favorite phone and launcher?

Gargantuar: (groans) Well, my favorites are the Note 4 and Nova Launcher... nothing more

Me: How about you, basic zombie?

Basic Zombie: STOP CALLING ME BASIC!!! I HATE IT!!! Well, my favorites are the iPhone 6. I like any launchers...

Me: Please explain why do you hate being called "basic".

Basic Zombie: Well, because I'm literally NOT basic at all. I'm kewl and advanced!

Me: Now, what's your favorite letters?

Basic Zombie: Of course the letter "Z"!

Garg: Me too!!! (groans crazily)

Zomboss: Yeah. We all love the letter "Z". How about you?

Me: No. I don't rly like it. I prefer the letter "D".

All zombies: Oh man............ WHY?

Me: Cuz "Z" is rarely used in words. It's just like the letter "X" and "Q".

All zombies: OK........

Me: Zomboss, what's your YouTube channel? Mine's TheYetiProjectDTSS.

Zomboss: My channel is The123robot. Subscribe PLZ!!!!

Me: OK (takes phone, opens YouTube app, logs in, then subbing Zombot's channel), done. 

Me: So, you upload things that are related to gaming, huh?

Zomboss: Yeah.....

Me: That's funny, cuz you're a scientist, right? You should have uploaded some videos about science but you haven't.

Zomboss: I never tell people about them. I'll keep the entire thing about science a secret.

Me: Why?

Zomboss: Cuz we have a plan... to eat your brains, and your employees.

Me: WHAT?! I thought you were gonna be our friend.

Zomboss: Only now. The next time I come here, I'll hunt you down and eat YOUR BRAINZ!! MWAHAHAHA!!!

Me: OMG, stop. That's not funny at all. Here, you should take these. These are pure humans' brains.

(actually the brains are just some brain-flavored beef, shaped like a brain, and colored pink)

Zomboss: Oh THANKS. Now that's WHAT WE WANT!

Me: Just take it. We don't like it. It's really dangerous for your health actually, cuz brains contain lots of trans fat and cholestrol. Nuff said.

Zomboss: O RLY?!

Me: Yeah!!!11ONE.

Zomboss: Well, we're gonna eat these, then we leave.

Me: Why? Are you busy or what?

Zomboss: Cuz... after we eat someone's brain, we always go back home

Me: Oh my gosh. Why? Just... why?

All zombies: Cuz we always sleep after we eat some brainz....

Me: Darn it! This interview is OVER for now!

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