This fanfic is inspired General Supremo's upgrade, Zomboss Special Gold Ammo, since it mentions that it's a gift from Zomboss after winning the Battle of Whatnot (LOL).

"R" stands for Rufus, the main character in some of my fanfics.


R: (wakes up) "It's my 60thbirthday today. But, I don't think that anyone would come here. So boring...

I'll just browse YouTube now..."

R opens YouTube and decided to watch some SomeOrdinaryGamers' creepypasta videos. He actually liked it a lot.

Few hours later...

Zomboss: (knocks R's door)

R: That must be Zomboss! (runs and opens the door)

Zomboss: Happy birthday R!

R: Glad that you remember my birthday!

Zomboss: Of course I do! I have a brilliant intelligence.

R: Well, yeah. BTW, let's sit down.

Zomboss: So, you're turning 60, right?

R: Yeah, and it means I'm now a really old guy.

Zomboss: You should stop being a gamer. You're getting really old now, and you should stop doing that. I'm worried that your health will drop drastically if you continue.

R: Well, maybe, but playing vidyagames and uploading them are my favorite things.

Zomboss: Think about your health, R.

R: I'm always healthy, so that doesn't rly matter.

Zomboss: I'm speechless. BTW, I brought you some gifts.

R: Wow, what's that?

Zomboss: Just open it.

R: (opens the gift) Wow, you give me a new Macbook Pro? And an Xperia Z3+? Thanks a lot!

Zomboss: Your welcome. I gave that because I know you love things related to computer and smartphones. Also, I modified the Xperia's back cover.

R: Cool! This is you, right?

Zomboss: Exactly. I sometimes put my face on certain things, including my phone's back cover and my Xbox One.

(to be continued...)


  • Zomboss's phrase "I sometimes put my face on certain things" refers to his face being printed on Cricket Star's weapon.
  • The reason why Zomboss gives an Xperia Z3+ is because it contains the letter Z, since zombies often replace letters with Z (e.g. ZPG for RPG, Z.A.S.A. for N.A.S.A., ZHL for NHL, etc.)
    • Also, by the time this story was written, the Xperia Z3+ is the only 2015 flagship device to contain the letter Z.
    • Zomboss was originally intended to give Rufus a Galaxy S6 edge, but since this idea is used, he gives him an Xperia Z3+ instead.
  • Rufus's birthday is December 27, as mentioned in this story.
  • SomeOrdinaryGamers is indeed a real YouTube channel, that usually posts creepypasta/trollpasta/bad creepypasta readings.

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