The charactersEdit

  • regular zombie
  • conehead zombie
  • gargantuar
  • Imp
  • pumpkin
  • me AKA fizzyegg
  • plantern
  • cob cannon
  • gatling pea
  • milesprower
  • peashooter
  • sunflower
  • repeater
  • digger zombie
  • duckytuber zombie
  • dr. zomboss

The storyEdit

repeater: keep firing!

peashooter: ok repeater

sunflower: is it me or do those zombies look bored?

cob cannon: well I can't answer that question but LOOK OUT!

pumpkin: what? cob cannon

cob cannon: DIGGER ZOMBIES!!!

milesprower: oh no

me: take this

me *plants split peas*

conehead zombie:no more brainz

gargantuar: I'm bored of smashing plants

lmp me too

duckytuber zombie me three

  • scene switches to zomboss's lab*

zomboss so you zombies are bored

all zombies exept zomboss yeah

zomboss you need a vacation I'll tell the plants

  • scene switches to lawn*

repeater AHH ZOMBOSS

zomboss calm down I'm just telling you that the zombies need a vacation

sea-shroom yay!

sunflower yahoo!

  • scene switches to plants me and milesprower dancing on the beach*

pumpkin lets go back to the lawn

me ok

  • scene switches to lawn with zombies holding spy gadgets*

sea-shroom oh no

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