By Iamarepeater.

Title says it all.


Zombie King: I'm bored. (watches television)

Television: (showing an ad)

<insert name here>:I invite you stay at my hotel. With cool gaming section, state of the art applications and dandy decorations, you so don't want to not stay at my hotel! (Ad then show pictures of the hotel then back to <insert name here>) You even get to stay in villas such as these. (ad shows posh rooms)

Ghost Pepper (in Ad): Wow!

<insert name here>:Get to my hotel now! Limited spots available!

Later on......

Zombie King: Hey Zomboss!

Dr. Zomboss: Yes?

Zombie King: I'm going to stay at <insert name here>'s hotel!

Dr. Zomboss: I'm so gonna join you in that hotel!

Zombie King: No! You're staying here to clean all my toothbrushes. There's a huge pile waiting for you in the basement.

Dr. Zomboss: Oh come on!

(then envoy zombie knight flew in on a magic cloud)

Envoy: Your majesty, where do you wish to go to?

Zombie King: I'm going to <insert name here>'s hotel.

Envoy: I have been there. It is beautiful.

Zombie King: Ahhh! Then take me there!

(one cloud trip later at zomant area)

Envoy: Your majesty, we're here. (returns to Zombie King's castle)

Zombie King: (goes towards hotel)

In the hotel....

<insert name here>: So what can I do for you?

Zombie King: I want to book a room

<insert name here>: I will book a room for you.

(inside the room)

Zombie King: WOW! This place looks fantastic! The ad and my envoy were correct! I wanna stay here in this beautiful room! Maybe soom room service would help make this place even better. (calls room service on his new Iphone 6s (just don't ask))

Lady: Yes. This is room service. What can we do to help you?

Zombie King: I would like some bread-n-brains.

Later on....

Zombie King: Perhaps I should ask The Zombie O.O to take more pictures of Peashooter and Sunflower making out right now.

(doorbell goes off)

Zombie King: Who could that be? (opens door)

Ghost Pepper: I made a lot of bread-n-brains.

Zombie King: Tasty!

One month later....

<insert name here>:You gotta pay!

Zombie King: I can't pay! I have no money!

<insert name here>: Then you got to work for me for seven months!

So Zombie King had to scrub all the floors in the hotel for 7 months because he had no money to pay for the room.

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