This is a story of the zombie eat the brain in crazy Dave's house.

Hope you guys like it.

By: Jerryzou



  1. Sunflower
  2. Peashooter


  1. Regular Zombie


Regular Zombie: Let me see the X-ray to see inside of the crazy Dave's house

Regular Zombie: Wow, there are lots of brains, but how can I get into there

House and zombie

the zombie behind the house is trying to get into there

Regular Zombie: I have:
  • Shovel
  • TNT
  • Lazer
  • Giga-Ball
  • Teleporter
  • Brain Bag

Regular Zombie: Shovel

He dig and dig and dig and dig, but he dig to the train rail

Regular Zombie: Why there is a train rail

Regular Zombie: Train!

Smacked that zombie

Regular Zombie: TNT

Regular Zombie: Boom

Regular Zombie: Why isn't it exploding

But when the zombie touch it, it explode into his face

Regular Zombie: Lazer

Regular Zombie: Cut the wall

Regular Zombie: This is going to... uh-oh

Smacked that zombie

Regular Zombie: Giga-ball

Regular Zombie: Smack that wall!!!

He is trying to smack that wall, but he missed

Regular Zombie: It's going to smack me!!!

Smacked that zombie

Zombie with teleporter

Zombie with teleporter

Regular Zombie: Teleporter

Regular Zombie: Click, click, TELEPORT

He teleported on the wall

Regular Zombie: I am stuck

Regular Zombie: The brain bag is the last choice

Regular Zombie get inside the bag and tide the knot from the outside of the bag

Peashooter: Hey, how do we lose one

Sunflower: I think we just put it in the house, is it should be safe

They get the zombie into the house

Regular Zombie: Yey, I am pretty hungry

Regular Zombie: Eat



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