It was a "normal" day in the zen garden.It was filled up as always mostly because it's a lot more benefiting then having wasted room. Repeater:*sipping his pop*It looks beautiful outside,can't wait to get out.

Wall-nut:I know right?

  • a huge shadow covered over the zen garden*

Wall-nut:wha-why is it so shady all of a sudden.

Repeater:don't worry it's just clouds.but it's just clouds.*He realized that he repeated himself* Aww and I though I was getting better.

Wall-nut:seems like you will never get out of that habit no matter how hard you try but I could be wrong.

  • the back wall smashed open by a gargantuar*

Wall-nut:no-NOPE.*he jumps out of his pot and hops to the front door*Comeon guys there's no betting that gargantuar

Repeater:Sadly he's right lets get out of here before the gargantuar crushes us all.

  • all the plants jumped out of their pots and joins wall-nut all pushing the door as hard as possible with all their effort they managed to open the door and start fleeing other zombies ate the lone plant after that the small groups*

Repeater:I think we're far enough *he said looking back at the mass attack*

Wall-nut:Good but now what

Repeater:... I'm not sure but as being the leader I should come up with a plan soon.

Kernel-pult:Who made you the leader anyways

Sunflower:Be nice kernel-pult

Winter-melon:I agree with sunflower and CHILL.

Blover:It's hard to chill when most of our friends got eaten by zombies.

Cactus:we're strong enough to fend off any zombie that comes our way.

Repeater:I know a lake that's nearby let's head to It.

*and with that they went off to the lake*

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