Sunshineblooms343 created this page, Z Anime Girls is a group of anime-styled girls, which Bonk Choy is a huge fan of. There are only four members of the group, and appear to be a parody of the anime girl app, ZGirls.


The Z Anime Girls appear to be the fan favorite, which is the reason why Bonk Choy loves Z Anime Girls, and also have posters and magazines based on them. According to Bonk Choy, they had a story to how they met and became Z Anime Girls. They met each other from kindergarten since the girls are 5, and grew up to became Z Anime Girls. As seen "April Fool's Plants", where they played a prank to think they are going to move to Georgia.

They first appear in "Bonk Choy meets Katie", where the leader, Katie, is shown that she and her friends can also understand what alive plants say. Katie's little cousin even thanks Bonk Choy for helping her, and states that she calls him a "green sweet choi". Later, in "Hypno-Shroom Comes!", the two members, Jessie and Stella, approached Hypno-Shroom to join their next performance after seeing him cute, which leaves Bonk Choy jealous and sad, and even sits alone on a cliff.

List of Members

  • Katie/Yimako (leader)
  • Jessie/Shumika
  • Stella/Jakiuma
  • Madison/Jimuko


  • They seem to be a parody of ZGirls.
  • Each member of the group had her own symbol:
  • Katie/Yimako's symbol is a ✴ and is served as their leader.
  • Jessie/Shumika's symbol is a 💘.
  • Stella/Jakiuma's symbol is a 🌙.
  • Madison/Jimuko's symbol is a 🎵.

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