Yet another "Hows and Whys" fanfic.


Gargantuar: Well, I'm bored here. I'm gonna go to Imp's house now. I never visited him in the last few weeks.

(Gargantuar goes to Imp's house)

Garg: Hi Imp!

Imp: Hi! You know what, I have something special for you. BTW, why are you rarely go to my house now?

Garg: Well... I'm kinda busy with all of those selfies and Instagramming, it's pretty fun.

Imp: You know what, this thing is MOAR fun.

Garg: What thing?

Imp: I'll show you.

Garg: What's this? This looks like a mechanical bed thingy or something.

Imp: Pfffft. Zomboss left it here when he was in a hurry last night. I believe that he doesn't want me to touch this. Now, lie on this bed.

Garg: Um, OK.

Imp: (messes around with the device) Well, I'm gonna press........ this.

A shot of beam was shot from the device, that points to Gargantuar.

Garg: It's really bright! What's going on here? Stop it!

Imp: Hang on! (presses the stop button, but it does nothing) Uh oh! No way! I can't stop it! I'm gonna unplug it now!

Garg: Be quick! This thing is pretty hot!

Imp: OK! (unplugs it) done.

Garg: Next time, be careful when messing around with Zomboss's equipment.

Imp: OK, sorry for that.

Garg: I'm going home now...

At home

Garg: (growing big) What happened? This... my house... it's shrinking? NO WAY!!

At this point, Gargantuar didn't realize that he's actually going bigger, not the house that's going smaller. Because he keeps growing, he even break the house. He was shocked that the entire city is smaller, as if it was shrunk by some kind of a city-shrinking device.


When he aimlessly walks around the city, he meets Imp.

Imp: Hey! Look at me here! (shouts)

Garg: I... Imp?

Imp: Yeah! It's me! You're so big now! What happened?

Garg: I don't know. What did you say? I'm so big?

Imp: Yeah!

Garg: Then the city is in normal size. Is this because of that laser beam you shot at me?

Imp: Uh, maybe. Hey, you know what, I'm gonna ride on your shoulder!

Garg: Sure.

Imp: WOO-HOO! YIPEE! Hey! It's pretty fun to ride on your back!

Garg: I'll take you to Zomboss's R&D center now. He's probably there. I'm gonna find a solution to this.

At Zomboss's R&D center...

Zomboss: Oh my! Garg! Looks like you messed around with my laser beamer thing!

Garg: How did you know that?

Zomboss: Cuz it actually fires a laser beam that grows anything in a matter of hours.

Garg: Can you bring me back to my normal size?

Zomboss: Uh, um... uh... unfortunately... no. Sorry, but I haven't found any way to revert the effect of it.


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