Crazy Dave: *yawn* Ahhh, a nice morning. WITH CRAZY DAAAAAAVE!!!!

goes downstairs

Crazy Dave: Whatchya doin' Plants?

All Plants: ???

Snow Pea: I'm just... chillin'

Crazy Dave: Yo Sunflowa'

Sunflower: ??? What the what is wrong with you?

the plants hear a voice coming from Crazy Dave's stomach

Mysterious Voice: GuysI'mHereAndIt'sSmellyOhGoshHelpMe

Peashooter: That sounds like...

All Plants: COFFEE BEAN!!!!!

Mysterious Voice: GetMeOuttaHere!

All Plants: YOU ATE COFFEE BEAN!!!!!!!!


Crazy Dave: Relax, Sunflowah, It's just a Crazy Hopping Daylight Action OPPAGANGNAMSTYLE Bean. It's not Coffee Bean.

Sunflower: But but... then where's Coffee Bean???

Crazy Dave: The Crazy Hopping Daylight Action OPPAGANGNAMSTYLE Bean contains Coffee Beans. OH MAN WHY DID I SAY THAT???

All Plants rage

Crazy Dave: (sarcastically) Problem?

Continuation by Thecoolguy81 Edit

Everyone fires at Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave: AHHHH I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN BED (runs into forest)

Peashooter: Who needs him. Come on, back to the house and backgammon.

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