AUTHOR'S NOTE: This dream is real and I literally dreamed this when I took a nap.

OK, so I dreamed about this last night. Need to write this quickly before they got wiped outta my memories.

OK, so I was in my house and I watched a music video. I SRSLY forgot the music but I know that song, and I have it. Unfortunately, I forgot the beginning part of the music video. However, I saw that the singer was somewhere dark, and finally the camera showed the singer's face. After that, I actually REALIZED that I was inside the video, and the camera was me!

Then, I looked around, and found out that there were some more people, two I think, and it looks like they're from the 20's! They wore a black suit and they seem to wear those old-fashioned hat that looks like Howard Carter's. I also noticed that it looks like somewhere in Egypt there. Is this a dream about ME AND HOWARD CARTER in Luxor, finding Tutankhamun's tomb? COOL! So that other guy MUST BE Lord Carnarvon, since he's the financial backer of Carter during this excavation. AMAZING!

But after this, I soon woke up. Annoying -_-

"WHY WOULD I WAKE UP?! THIS COULD'VE BEEN THE GREATEST DREAM I HAVE!" I shouted. Well, what a shame, but I can't do nothing to make it back.

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