This is a story about Dr. Zomboss that create a machine that make zombies undefeatable.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Zombot
  • Zombie
  • Melon-pult
  • Peashooter
  • Potato Mine
  • Sunflower
  • Wall-nut
  • Crazy Dave
  • Flag Zombie
  • Chomper
  • Jalapeno


Dr. Zomboss: *rides Zombot* "Mwuahahah! You stupid plants will come to an end! My zombie army will eat you and deliver me David's brains!"

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Melon-pult: "IN YOUR DREAMS!" *eat Plant Food and launch lots of watermelons and hit the zombies and the Zombot*

Dr. Zomboss: "Gah! you will pay for that!" *something explodes* "What was that!?"

Melon-pult: "Take, THIS!!!" *hurls a watermelon at the Zombot, hitting the control panel*

Dr. Zomboss: "NOOO!!!"

*Zombot explodes*

Melon-pult: "That's what you get for messing with the plants!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Mark my words, we will meet again. But not here, not now. Later."

*Dr. Zomboss teleports away*

Melon-pult: "Yeah, right! Run as fast as you can, loser! Coward..."

Chapter 1: Zombie TestEdit

Dr. Zomboss: "Grr! I'm getting tired of losing from those weeds! We have to find a way to defeat them!"

Zombie: "Brainz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes, I know you want brains, but you'll be defeated in a minute."

Zombie: "Brainz..."

Dr. Zomboss: "Except!"

Zombie: "Brainz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Maybe, if I create a machine that makes zombies undefeatable... MWUAHAHAH!!! We will show those pesky plants who's the boss!"

Zombie: "Brainz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Of course it's me! Who do you think the boss will be?"

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Dr. Zomboss: "No, it's not your mom. Ugh, forget this."

2 weeks later...

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes! My machine is completed at last! Now I need someone to become a guinea pig..."

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Great! Just stand there while I shoot you with this machine"

Zombie: "Brainz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "No, it's not painful. Well, maybe a bit. Mwuahahah!"

*Dr. Zomboss shoots zombie with his machine*

Zombie: *gets electrocuted* "BRAaaAaiiINnnNzzZZz!!!!!"

*The machine stops*

Dr. Zomboss: "Now! How do you feel?"

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Stop talking about your mom! Now, go to David's house and bring me his brains!"

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Dr. Zomboss: "Hahaha. Mwuahahaha. MWUAHAHAHAHAH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! HAHAHA!!!"

Zombie: "Brainz!"


Chapter 2: UndefeatableEdit

Peashooter: "Hmm... No sight of the zombies so far... Strange..."

Potato Mine: "Hey! Wait! I think I see one! He's right there!"

Sunflower: "I see it too!"

Wall-nut: "Yeah!"

Zombie: "Brainz..."

Peashooter: "It's just a regular zombie. Relax guys, I got this."

*Peashooter shoot peas at zombie*

Zombie: "Brai- Oof! Braainzz..."

Peashooter: "Strange! He seems to be undefeatable!"

Potato Mine: "Let me blow him up!"

*Zombie step on Potato Mine and they explodes*


Peashooter: "Yay!"

Zombie: "Brainz..."

Peashooter: "WHAT!?"

Wall-nut: "What happens? Regular zombie usually die when steped on Potato Mine!"

*Zombie starting to eat Wall-nut*

Wall-nut: "Hurry up guys! I don't think I can hold on any longer!"

Peashooter: "I tried, I tried! He's immune to any attacks!"

Sunflower: "Let me produce suns to plant Cherry Bomb!"

*Sunflower produce suns, Cherry Bomb planted*

Cherry Bomb #1: "I'm Cherry Bomb #1."

Cherry Bomb #2: "And I'm Cherry Bomb #2."


*Cherry Bomb explodes*


Peashooter: "I'm sure he's dead."

Sunflower: "Yes, obviously."

Zombie: "Brainz..."

Sunflower: "WHAT!?"

Peashooter: "This is unbelievable! How could he not die!?"

*Crazy Dave shows up*

Crazy Dave: "Hey! You will not believe what I see! I saw that Mr. Boss guy shoot that zombie over there with his Zombot machine thingys that will make that zombie undefeatable!"

Wall-nut: "Oh no!"

Sunflower: "What are we gonna do!?"

Chapter 3: Undefeatable Zombies OverloadEdit

*Zombie gets closer*

Sunflower: "AAAHH!!!"

Peashooter: "Don't worry! If we hold him long enough with Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts, maybe we can..."


Peashooter: "Oh no..."

Flag Zombie: "The zombies, are coming... Braainz..."

The Zombies: "Braainz..."

Sunflower: "Peashooter! Do something!"

Peashooter: "I'm trying!" *shoot peas at the zombies* "I can't!"

*Chomper just planted*

Chomper: "I'M HUNGRY!" *eats zombies* "BLEAURGH!!!" *vomits zombies* "They tastes like electricity!"

Wall-nut: "Guys! Hurry up! They almost finish eating us!"

Peashooter: "What could be worse?"

Dr. Zomboss: "It is I, the genius and terrifying, the ruler of zombies, the destroyer of plants! Dr. Edgar George Zomboss!"

Peashooter: "WHAT THE WHAT!?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Now, you may see this zombies is undefeatable, by any projectiles, including your green, gross peas."

Peashooter: "At last we still have Crazy Dave, right? Crazy Dave? Where is he?"

Dr. Zomboss: "He's terrified of my powers, so he leaves! Hahaha! Now you can see who's the real coward!"

Zombie: "Brainz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "No, it's not your mom, shut up. It's Crazy David! HAHAHA!!!"

Peashooter: "It's alright. We can handle this."

Dr. Zomboss: "I don't think so."


Dr. Zomboss: "Mwuahahahah!!!"


Dr. Zomboss: "They're undefeatable! And there's nothing you can do about it!"

*The plants started to lose hope*

Crazy Dave: "HEY!"

Peashooter: "Crazy Dave?"

Chapter 4: The Terrifying Zombie Machine of Undefeatable UndeadEdit

Crazy Dave: "Hey! How's it going everyone?"

Peashooter: "Crazy Dave?"

Crazy Dave: "Listen, I found the machine that make zombies undefeatable!"

*Crazy Dave shows the machine*

Crazy Dave: "It's kind of big and heavy, but I managed to bring it here."

Peashooter: "How did you make the zombies defeatable?"

Crazy Dave: "First, I see a label says "UNDEFEATABLE" and "DEFEATABLE", but I don't understand how to use it, so I bring it here."

Peashooter: "Hmm... Maybe you have to swith the lever from "UNDEFEATABLE" to "DEFEATABLE".

Dr. Zomboss: "Hey! Get away from that machine!" *runs to the machine*

Crazy Dave: "Hmm..." *Switch the lever from ""UNDEFEATABLE" to "DEFEATABLE"*

Dr. Zomboss: "NOOO!!!"

*The machine trembles, electrifying every zombies*

The Zombies: *gets electrocuted* "BRAaaAaiIIinnNZZzz!!!"

*The machine explodes, all zombies fall because of the shock*

Zombie: "Braainz..."

Peashooter: "Take this!" *shoot peas at zombie*

Zombie: "Oof!" *head fell off*

Sunflower: "Yay!"

Potato Mine: "Watch your steps!"

*Potato Mine explodes*


Cherry Bomb: "LET'S EXPLODONATE!!!"

*Cherry Bomb explodes*


Jalapeno: "NNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!"

*Jalapeno explodes*

Wall-nut: "Whew! At last it's over!"

Dr. Zomboss: "..."

Peashooter: "Zomboss!"

Dr. Zomboss: "We zombies admit our lose... This time! Be warned, next time you see me, it will be too late. Mwuahahah!!!"

*Dr. Zomboss teleports away*

Peashooter: "So... We won?"

Wall-nut: "Yeah, I think so."

Sunflower: "Yay!"

Peashooter: "But don't underestimate them. We don't know what are they planing next time..."



Dr. Zomboss: "I can't believe we're still losing from those plants!"

Zombie: "Brainz?"

Dr. Zomboss: "No, it's not a brain. It's a self-destruct button of this place."

Zombie: "Brainz!"

Dr. Zomboss: "NO! DON'T PRESS THAT-"


Dr. Zomboss: "...Button."

Zombie: "Brainz?" *turn into ashes*

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