This is a story about a zombie invasion full of Disco Zombies.

Created by Ariq1144.


  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Disco Zombies
  • Backup Dancers
  • Peashooter
  • Wall-nut


Dr. Zomboss: "I'm tired of losing from those plants."

Disco Zombie: "We're gonna cheer you up with some DISCO!"

Dr. Zomboss: "How about you and your friends go to David's house and steal his brains for me? Then maybe I will become happy."

Disco Zombie: "OK. We will bring you his brainz, but you have to promise to disco with us later."

Dr. Zomboss: "Ugh, disco is dead."

Disco Zombie: "Disco isn't dead. Disco is UNDEAD!"

Backup Dancers: "Brainz!"

Chapter 1: Undead DiscoEdit

Disco Zombie: "Hey stupid plants! Do you want to DISCO!?"

Peashooter: "Another normal night with those stupid zombies..."

Disco Zombie: "Oh, yeah! I call this move "Brain Dancers"

Peashooter: "And I call this move "Shooting peas at stupid Disco Zombies!"

Disco Zombie: "Wuyeah!" *dodges peas, in style*

Peashooter: *Keep shooting peas*

Disco Zombie: "WOOHOOH!" *spinning to the plants, in style*

Peashooter: "Wha- AAH!" *getting hit by Disco Zombie*

Disco Zombie: "That's why you shouldn't mess with disco!"

Backup Dancers: *rises from the ground* "Brainzyeah!"

Disco Zombie: "Reinforcement!"

*4 Disco Zombies rises from the ground, in style*

Disco Zombies: "We're here!" *summon Backup Dancers, in style*

Wall-nut: "G-Gulp!"

Chapter 2: Disco in the FogEdit

Peashooter: "Hey! That's Crazy Dave! I hope he will help us!"

Crazy Dave: "Hey everyone! Why did you not invite me in this disco?"

Disco Zombie: "Sorry, we forgot."

Crazy Dave: "No problem. Because I just bring my fog machine!!"

*Crazy Dave turns on fog machine, everything is covered by fog*

Peashooter: "CRAZY DAAAAVEE!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Yeah! Things get crazier and crazier!"

Backup Dancer: "James, is that you?" *gets hit by Disco Zombie* "Ouch!"

Disco Zombie: "Sorry. I can't see anything. This fog is too thick."

Crazy Dave: "Hey! I also bring this awesome disco lamp! It's awesome! Making things crazier!"

Disco Zombie: "Actually, that's a very awesome lamp."

Crazy Dave: "Thanks!"

Disco Zombie: "And you know what will be perfect?"

Crazy Dave: "What?"

Disco Zombie: "Some brainz for snack."

Crazy Dave: "Wait a minute, you don't eat brains for snack! Only zombies eat brains for snack."

Disco Zombie: "In case you forgot, we're zombies."

Crazy Dave: "Oh yeah, I forgot. But who cares? Let's DISCO!!!"

Disco Zombie: "Yeah!"

Chapter 3: Boogie Your Brainz Right Over HereEdit

Backup Dancer: "Boss, in case you forgot, our mission here is to deliver David's brainz to Dr. Zomboss."

Disco Zombie: "What? Later, I'm busy. This crazy guy got some sweet moves."

Backup Dancer: "But, boss!"

Disco Zombie: "Shut up! Now that you say that, I remember something... I know! I have to deliver this guy's brainz to that Mr. Boss guy!"

Backup Dancer: "Umm, that's what I'm trying to say-"

Disco Zombie: "DISCO!"

Crazy Dave: "Woo-hoo!"

Disco Zombie: "Brainz..." *accidentally gets hit by Crazy Dave, in style* "OW!!!"

Crazy Dave: "Hmm... I think I hit something... Well!"

Disco Zombie: "Brai- OUCH!!!" *accidentally gets hit by Crazy Dave multiple times, in style* "OW! OUCH! OW!"

*Disco Zombie falls in pain and accidentally hit fog machine causing the machine to stops, in style*

Crazy Dave: "Hey! What happens? Why did the fog disappear?"

Disco Zombie: "Ouch."

Crazy Dave: "Hey! Why did you sleep on the ground?"

Disco Zombie: "That was a nice disco. I'll come back for sure. Thanks, by the way!" *run away, in style*

Backup Dancers: "Hey! Boss! Wait!" *run away*

Crazy Dave: "You're welcome!"

Peashooter: "What just happens?"


Dr. Zomboss: "You failed!?"

Disco Zombie: "Yes."

Dr. Zomboss: "Grr! I know I can't trust you! This is just wasting time!"

Disco Zombie: "Do you feel sad?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Yes I am!"

Disco Zombie: "Then you are lucky. Remember when you promise you'll DISCO with us?"

Dr. Zomboss: "Wait, NO!"

Disco Zombie: "Wait, YES! TO THE DISCO!"

Dr. Zomboss: "NOOO!!!"

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