This is an interview of Toughberry.

Created by Electronic Pea 48 21.

Me: "Hi, creation."

Toughberry: "Wait, you created me?"

Me: "Of course."

Toughberry: "Thanks! And since I was searching for my creator for a long time to toughen him, I'm now going to toughen you!"

And so he does what he has to do.

Me: "Thanks a lot! Does this effect stay forever? And can we start the interview already?"

Toughberry: "Uhhh... it's temporary since you're electronic. Also, what is your first question?"

Me: "(*thinks* nu y effect = temp) What are you made up of?"

Toughberry: "Gold."

Me: "Actually, I don't know what to ask..."

Toughberry: "Fine, then I'll tell you. I make plants tougher by coating them with gold!"

Me: "Wow...I might use that as an almanac entry for you...Well, that's all the time I'd had for you, bye!"

Toughberry: "Bye!"

After a few moments...

Me: "One last question- Oh wait, he's out of sight."

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