(sang by peashooter)

Peashooter: 1,2,3

There's a turtle on your lawn,

there's a turtle on your lawn.

There's a turtle on yuor lawn,

We don't want turtles on our lawn.

I hate their look: Slow, shelled, and small

Making dumb sounds down the hall,

And annoy the life of the epic person here now

Though i'm a peashooter, see, my power as the best i know,

You think the turtles are cute, i wanna kill them

Sunflower thinks their cute

Gatlingpea says their fine,

I killed the dumb turtle,

Then sunflower slapped meeeeeeeee

There's a sunflower slapping me

There's a sunflower slapping me

There's a sunflower slapping me

They all like sunflower slapping me

There is a shell on my head.

I like your water tank

We are the annoying..........!!!!!

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