​Happy April Fool's Day everyone

I made this in advance as I may not be able to create it on the day itself. (I'm serious here)


Iamarepeater AKA Iama

Sunflower AKA Sunny

Milesprower2 (Cameo) AKA MP2

Wintermelon43 (Cameo) AKA WM43

Yaseen.ibrahim.90 (Cameo) AKA YI90

The story

Scene: Plantia common room

Iama: (Reading a book)

Sunny: (Goes towards Iama from behind and burst open a paper bag)


Iama: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Turns towards Sunflower in anger)

Sunny: April Fools!

Iama: (Thinking: Let the prank war began)

Score: Iama: 0 Sunny: 1

Next day:

Sunny (In bathrobe): Iamarepeater, have you seen my dress?

Iama: In the closet. (Thinking: Have a nice day scratching yourself)

Sunny: Thanks. (Put on dress and started scratching herself a lot) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Iama: Take that! (:D) (The dress was filled with itchy powder added by Iamarepeater)

Score: Iama: 1 Sunny:1

Following day.....

Iama: Let's see what's in the fridge. (Open fridge and then SPLOT) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Pied!

Sunny: (From corridor) Hee Hee.

Score: Iama: 1 Sunny: 2

Later on.....

Sunny: Iamarepeater, I'm going to get the newspaper.

Iama: Ok. (Heh Heh. I bet you will be ruined when people discover the cut out holes I made on your dress)

20 minutes later:


Iama: :P

Score: Iama: 2 Sunny: 2

Another day, another prank.

Iama: These food taste delicious. You should cook more of these food.

Sunny: Thanks Iamarepeater. It's because I added laxative to the food.

Iama: Laxative? ARGHHHHHHHHHH! I need the toilet! (Rush to toilet)

Sunny: Heh Heh! (Reveals stash of toilet paper) Let's see if you can live with a dirty backside.

Iama: (In toilet) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! There's no toilet paper!

Score: Iama: 2 Sunny: 4 (Double prank attack)

Later on at the supermarket.

Sunny: (Waiting in line then whoopise daisy. She let off a gas)

MP2: Eww. Who let off a gas?

WM43: Not me.

YI90: Or me.

Sunny: (Putt)(Another gas attack)

MP2, WM43 and YI90: LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! (Run for it)

Sunny: But guys...... (Putt) Where is that sound's coming from? (Putt)(Take out wallet, which was making the farting sound) How can my wallet make such a sound? (Opens wallet and saw the device which was making the sound.) IAMAREPEATER!


Iama: (Pressing the fart-sound making device) I wonder if it is still working.

Later on at the computer.....

Iama: Let's see what is on Plantube. (Go to homepage) Wait. (Burst out laughing) OMG! I see Sunflower letting off the gas in the supermarket. View is 3 billion over 3 hours and the description says: See this Sunflower proves her sentence wrong. Sentence: I never fart in public.


Iama: (Turns towards Sunflower) :P

Score: Iama: 4 (Double prank attack) Sunny: 4

Last day of prank war.

Iama: You want to give up?

Sunny: Yes. Let's shake hands.

Iama: Sure.

(They shake hands and both had a shocking good time)

Sunny and Iama: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ehm, Nevermind. Now it's called a truce.


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