By Iamarepeater

Author's note: I made this written version of the comic here. You may click here to see the comic.

Also, this will mark my comeback to this wiki now that I have a new fanfic idea.

This fanfic has sexual content. You have been warned!


  • George (Pompadour Zombie)
  • Jane (Bikini Zombie)


George: I'm bored. (proceeded to post some random emotes to a Big Wave Beach zombie group chat)

(a reply from Jane the came up)

Jane: (text) George, what are you doing with posting these random emotes for?

George: (text) I'm as bored as heck.

Jane: (text) I suppose so. I'm bored here myself so wanna hang out?

George: (text) Sure. Where do you want to meet?

Jane: (text) How about your house?

George: (text) Agreed. So about 9 PM?

Jane: (text) Alright then. See you tonight.

George: (self-thought) Does she actually like me? That would be so awesome.

(some hours later)

George: (he hears a door knock) Must be her. (he opens it to see Jane) Oh hello Jane.

Jane: Hi George. Ready for this hangout?

George: Ok course Jane.

(sometime later at night)

George: Wow. That was so great with the hangout.

Jane: Well George..... wanna kiss?

George: You serious?

Jane: Of course. (she's blushing) I do love you now.

George: (he kisses her)

Jane: (she blushes even more) Oh..... You're so sweet George.

George: You want to join me someone nice?

Jane: Sure.......

(later on in George's bedroom)

Jane: Oh, you're so naughty George. (she lies on the bed)

George: Sure. (he jumps into the bed too)

Jane: Oh... you're so great George....

George: You haven't seen what I can really do Jane. (he proceeds to take off both of their clothes)(Note by author: yes, they are nude now)

Jane: (sees herself and him naked) Can I suck it?

George: Sure.

Jane: (she proceeds to suck on his penis)

George: Mmmmmmmm. (he appears to enjoy it so much)

Jane: (she eventually gets his cum to be in her mouth and then she swallowed)

George: Ahhhhhhhhh. Since we.... thinking what I'm thinking?

Jane: Of course George.

George: Great! (he gets on top of her, ready to go down and penetrate her)

Jane: Go for it!

George: Alright then! (he soon cums inside her) Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Filling you up with my sweet love!

Jane: Great! I like it being inside me. Say... I wanna cuddle with you.

George: I love you so much too......

(they are soon asleep)

The end.

Note: A written sequel will be made. It will be made soon.

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