Introduction Edit

The PSC are a plant society who (try to) defeat zombies.

There are 4 types of episodes.

  • Plant episode (Contains only plants) P
  • Zombie episode (Contains only zombies) Z
  • War episode (Contains both plants and zombies) W
  • Neutral episode (Contains only humans and plants outside the PSC) N

This is the order in which I'll do the episodes


Then this pattern repeats again and again.

I'll create a new one every Sunday!

Characters Edit




(These three are the PSC)

Dr. Zomboss

Buckethead zombie

Conehead Zombie

Basic Zombie

Imp Zombie

Gargantuar Zombie

Scaredy Shroom

Doom Shroom

Ice Shroom

Lily Pad

Tangle Kelp

Homing Thistle

Sweet Potato



Crazy Dave

Countdown Edit

New episode in 7 days!

SEASON 1! Edit

These are the episodes from season 1.

Episode 1: The Flying Imp! (Z) Edit

Imp: I want bubblegum

Dr. Zomboss: Take this

-----------------Imp flies in the air-----------------

Imp: I'll take revenge!!!

POP! The bubble pops.

------------------Imp falls down--------------------

Imp: I asked for bubblegum, not balloongum.

--------------------Imp forms a crater in the ground------------------

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