• Kernel Pult (PVZ Plant)
  • Buckle (Buckethead Zombie Leader)


Clare and the others (except Triiozz and Treme) split up to find Ashlee in Ancient Egypt

Clare: Where the hell did she run off to... it's been two hours!

Clare: I miss Treme so much now... I haven't been worried for so long in my life

Clare: Huh? Who's there!

Jace: Oh hi Clare... Thought you were Ashlee

Clare: Me too... Oh look! I see someone!

The two hide behind a group of cacti and listen to their conversation

Jace: That's Ashlee... And Kernel Pult???


Chomper's yelling gives away their position

Ashlee: Kernel Pult... fire at the girl with curly hair

Kernel Pult: Alright

Jace gets hit by butter

Jace: Ow!

Clare: Ashlee why?

Ashlee: Leave me alone with Kernel Pult...

Chomper: We need your help

Ashlee: Chomper? Why do you need help...

Sunflower and Peashooter arrives

Sunflower: Well Zomboss has captured Triiozz and Treme in their plan to get the plant food so we need you

Ashlee: No... I'm not a part of the group anymore

Jace: I'm sorry Ashlee... Please help us

Ashlee: I said no... go away, all of you

Peashooter: Don't you care about your friends?! You had good times with them! Why don't you want to help???

Ashlee starts crying

Ashlee: Sorry... I will help... Kernel Pult will too

Kernel Pult: Yeah! Sure!

Clare: Alright then! Let's find the laboratory

Meanwhile at the Laboratory

Buckle: Zomboss I see intruders!

Zomboss: Tell Tom to send his bungee zombies out, and defend the laboratory with your bucketheads

Buckle: Yes sir!

Treme: Intruders? Our friends! TRIIOZZ! OUR FRIENDS!

Triiozz wakes up

Triiozz: Wait... What?

Treme: Our friends are here!

Triiozz: Alright! Zomboss get ready for a beating!

Zomboss: It's too early to celebrate boys! Hahahahaahha!

Zomboss equips his crab machine (Boss shell of Ancient Egypt)


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