• Zomboss (Leader of the Zombies)
  • Peashooter (PVZ plant)
  • Sunflower (PVZ plant)
  • Chomper (PVZ plant)
  • Tom (Leader of the Bungee Zombies)


The group is still at the entrance of the pyramid, planning the way to get the plant food packet

Clare: Treme goes in and rushes through the bungee zombies as a distraction??? I am not losing him

Triiozz: Don't worry, he will be PERFECTLY safe! If in any case he is in danger, I have a Pea Gun with me.

Treme: I'm up for the plan! It might be dangerous but it's the best way to get the plant food


Jace: Ashlee.. SHUT UP!

Everyone except Jace and Ashlee: What?

Jace: We have had ENOUGH of your weird senses! BE SERIOUS!

Ashlee: ... Jace... Why are you so weird nowadays.. You used to love my craziness....

Jace: Well I am SICK OF IT!

Ashlee: Well then... I'M SICK OF YOU!

Ashlee runs off into the distance, with a teary face

Triiozz: Jace what ha-

Jace: Don't talk to me...

Clare: We only got three people for the plan now? Jace won't cooperate and Ashlee ran off...

Treme: It will still work... Don't worry

Triiozz: I agree, the plan will still work

Triiozz:Alright while Treme runs through the pyramid, I sneak in from the corner and grab the plant food packet

Treme: I'll just run around like a lunatic, adds some humor and bungee zombies will get confused

Clare: I'll stay watch outside for Jace, she isn't going in with the plan.

Triiozz: Alright, lets start!

They carry on with the plan, but things did not go well.

Treme: HEY BUNGEES! COME GET ME! *runs around*

???: Haha if he's doing that then... Someone must be sneaking around and i can sense someone..

Triiozz: Ok.. Almost there.. Wha-

??? grabs Triiozz

Treme: Aghh.. I'm getting tired... Is he done soo-

??? grabs Treme


Clare: Huh where are they???

Jace: Don't ask me... you fell asleep and it's been an hour.. plus you came up with this plan

Clare: It should only take like... what, five minutes?

Clare: Huh? A note

Clare: It reads, If you want to see your friends again, come to the Zomboss laboratory of Ancient Egypt by one week, or they will be gone...

Clare: Zomboss...

???: We want to help!

Jace: Huh? It's Peashooter!

Peashooter: Don't forget Sunflower and Chomper!

Clare: We can do this guys... But we need Ashlee as well...

Meanwhile at the laboratory

Triiozz: Hey what are you doing?

Zomboss: Setting up some experiments of course! Oh you would be good test subjects! BOTH of you!

Treme: Our friends will come... Of course they would

Zomboss: Well if they don't come by one week, you're gone.

Tom: Zomboss! We could make them new zombie leaders! Some of the ones we have now aren't right

Zomboss: I will sort it out Tom... Reward your bungee zombies... They deserve it

Triiozz: Zomboss you won't have us for long!

Zomboss: The big experiment hasn't started yet... No one knows your fate...


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