By Iamarepeater.

Yep. I had this idea for some time but never input such a feature until now. Let's go.

Meaning can be found here.


Iamarepeater as Peashooter

Masterninja321/MN321 as himself

The rap battle

Announcer: The Ultimate Rap Battle of wikia! MasterNinja321..... VS ...... Peashooter! Begin!


Oh Peashooter. You sayin that you are famous?!

HA- HAH. You're hearing it.. You're fearing it.. You're feeling it.. You are a loser. A failure!

You're worse than a dozer!

Shoot peas?! HA. Plants can shoot COBS with EASE!

Come on, peashootie. You know that.. You are just a small inpopular loodlie!

Yo I'm about to call yo brother. Repeater.

Cause he's much better than you, you rodler.

And your sunny girlfriend Sunflower, she hates you.

You must be in a sadshower, like tofu.

Because right now.. MasterNinja is stealing this race! I'll go apesh*t on your butt! Restructure your face!


Do you think you're superior?

Well, let's go and show this german blover who's better.

I'm a soldier. You're like a lady.

For I have been through a thousand wars.

You think you have seen a battle? Just wait till I fire.

I'm smoking up this room, gunning you down, till you tire.

For I'm the real plant. You're more like a recruit.

You only knew how to blow wind.

My weapons hurt more than your windblower did.

And so what? No one has ever ever heard of you and your eyes.


Heh. So yeah. I am german. So how many lanuages do you know?

I know MANY. You only know ONE, derpy pow.

Think you can hurt me with puny raps? Never. Ever. Try to do so

I'm going to stuff you in a lot of many wraps! I'll make your head spin.

When it comes to rhymes... I'm stinging you like a shark fin.

Me only know how to blow wind?! HA. I CAN BEND AIR!

You can just find.. That you suck.

Now get out of my way and duck. I'll say this once, Peashootie. I hope it's understood.

Get right back in your plant car.. and get the F*CK outta my neighborhood.


You think you can be pro? I suggest you try bungee-jumping.

You're downgrade can't even deal with a king.

And what happened to you?

Popcap decided to nerf you. Made you unable to strike immediately

My plant food ability can gun down greatly.

Your cousin wouldn't even wanna face those f**king zombies.

And being in rock star? More like being a c**t thump.

For I have seen the worst but can remain here.

Announcer: Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Who won this battle?

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