One day, a Wall-Nut was born!His name was Walter!He was the first Wall-Nut created in Bloom and Doom Seed Co. and he always hated how the others like him were going to be utilized.


Oh, you!what are you doing here?

Walter:Just passing by, you were telling my story?

Yes!And i finished it!

Walter:Hey!Wait!There is more to it!

There is?

Walter:Yes let i tell you my complete story, after...

...Some years, i enraged because of what the Wall-Nuts were going to be utilized for escaped from Bloom and Doom Seed Co. with no home anymore i had to get used to the enviroment i was in...i had to battle for food, survival, peace and then i finally found a place in were i could rest a little bit.The other day i got up from the place i was resting in and then i saw something following me, then i started to run(or roll) to try to outwit the one following me, and i did so...but when i thought i was safe the one following me, found me and let me without a way out, who was it you ask?Dr. Edgar Zomboss!At first i thought he was going to kill me but instead he told me that when he was spying Bloom and Doom Seed Co. he had seen that i escaped from it and about i disliking the way Wall-Nuts were going to be utilized and then wanted to help me get revenge on them but with one condition:I had to attack <insert name here>'s house and get the person's brains for him, filled with my thirst for revenge i accepted the condition and then he gave me a bit of his intelligence via one of his machines and then i built a war mech.Since to get the person's brains i had to deal with other plants and more of mine i programmed the mech to not attack the Wall-Nuts and instead to hypnotise them to help me fight the other plants and...



This story is too long so why you not tell the rest for another part.


And another thing, if you are evil why you didn't attack me?

Walter:I'm out with my evil antics so i don't work for Zomboss anymore, like you said i'll tell the rest later...

Well, bye!


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