Zombie King, The Zombie O.O and Conehead hunt for their Wii console.


Zombie King: The owner of the stolen Wii. Has an addiction to food, and is reaal fat.

The Zombie O.O: One of the to-be players of the Wii. Is like every other single zombie, dumb.

Conehead Zombie: Another one of the players, he hates anybody who thinks buckets are better, and is also a very n00bish player.

Snorkel Zombie: A pervert, who was also trying to play.

Envoy, Knight Zombie and Wizard Zombie: Three messagers of Zombie King.

Future Zombie: The culprit of the entire crime.

Crazy Dave: False antagonist, who was suspected by Envoy to have stolen the Wii.

Various plants


The CastleEdit

Conehead Zombie: "It sure is boring over here."

Zombie King: "My boy, the session of playing games is what all true zombies strive for."

Conehead Zombie: Oh, boy! I'll get The Zombie O.O and Snorkel over."

(Later, while Zombie King is walking to the Wii)

Zombie King: What. (Sees that the gaming console is gone)

Snorkel Zombie: There is no Wii.

Zombie King: NOOOOOOO! Where is my Wii? Someone must have taken it.

(The envoy flies in)

Envoy: "Your majesty, CRAZY DAVE and his plants have seized your Wii."

Zombie King: "NOOOOOOO!"

The Zombie O.O: "NOT THE WEII!"


Zombie King: "Envoy, my gaming session is under attack and I need to go kill Crazy Dave. I'm going to The Lawn to save my XBox! I mean, my Wii!"

Envoy: "But what if something vanquishes you?"

Zombie King: "I will get these 3 idiots to protect me. Send those lazy (censored word)s here.

Knight Zombie: "Don't worry. The boat-"

Zombie King: "No. My battleship sails."

(A montage of the 4 zombies, playing "You are a Pirate" begins, while Snorkel Zombie is unconscious and is in the water, and The Zombie O.O vomits at him)

(Shortly afterwards)

Zombie King: "Gee, I'm so hungry-what. SHROOMS?"


(30 minutes later, the King is drugged by the Hypno-shrooms)

(One day later)

Envoy: "One day already, and still no word."

Knight Zombie: "Actually, it has been 23 hours only."

(Wizard Zombie enters)

Wizard Zombie: "The King has eaten mushrooms! He is now drugged! But, as it is written: Only BRAINS, can defeat HYPNO!"

Envoy: "Alright, let's get them brains!" (With magic, he throws brains to Zombie King, who instantly gets cured)

(When the brain got to Zombie King, he got turned back to normal)

Zombie King: "You saved me!"

Conehead Zombie: "Greaattt. Because I just realised, BUCKET-head Zombies were the one who got those brains!"

The Zombie O.O: "Now where is Crazy Dave?"

Snorkel Zombie: (Looks around) "Over there!"

Crazy Dave: "..."

Zombie King: "Crazy Dave! Where is my Wii?"

Crazy Dave: "But, Future Zombie and his minions have seized the Wii!"

(Dramatic music is played as the camera zooms in on the zombie's shocked faces)

Zombie King: "NO! Future Zombie MUST DIE!"

(They go into Future Zombie's mansion)

Future Zombie: "Your majesty, join me-"

Zombie King: (Drinks some water) "SHUT UP! YOU MUST DIE!" (Begins playing Justin Bieber)

Future Zombie: "STOP!"

(Zombie King continues playing Justin Bieber, causing Future Zombie to faint.)

Zombie King: "GREAT!"

The Zombie O.O: "The King."

Snorkel Zombie: "LOOK AT DAT WEEEEEE!"

Zombie King: (Silence) "YESS! YESSSSSSS!!"

(When they got back to the castle, it seems like they are playing some Zombie Party 8.)

Snorkel Zombie: "I wonder what's for next turn."

(Random montage of playing, then Zombie King wins the game.)

Zombie King: "Oh boy!"

(Suddenly, everything turns dark)

Zombie King: "What happened?"

Envoy: "Your majesty, there is no POWARRHH."

Zombie King: "........."


  • The fan-fic is based on a video I watched.

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