UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

By BGB64


  • Potato Mine
  • Imitater
  • Peashooter (Cameo)
  • Cattail (Cameo)
  • Potato-Pult
  • Sputato


A bunch of plants are on the lawn.

Potato Mine: This is boring. There aren't any zombies to blow up!

Imitater: Let's go find some.

Peashooter: Guys wai-!

Cattail: They dissappeared!


Imitater: Where are we?

Potato-Pult: Potato land.

Sputato: We brought you here because you said you were bored and wanted some zombies to fight.

Imitater: Bu- wha- wh- then bring us back home! Now that I think about it, I want to stay on the lawn.

Potato-Pult: No. We need your help to stop an erupting volcano.

Potato Mine: We don't care.

Sputato: For the love of potatos, we can't bring you home. The entrance collapsed. And if we don't stop this, we'll all be fried!

Potato Mine: Fine, we'll help you.

Potato-Pult: Thanks.

Imitater: Let's go!

Later, at a dock...

Sputato: Okay. Now we're ready. Let's go.

Potato Mine: We have to go across an ocean? I get seasick when I'm on water!

Potato-Pult: We'll keep that in mind and drive in the way most likely to make you seasick.

To be continued...