By BGB64.


  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Balloon Zombie
  • Cattail
  • (Hidden from list)
  • (Hidden from list)
  • (Hidden from list)
  • Cactus


In Dr. Zomboss's lab, after Dr. Zomboss's attemt to invade with balloon zombies failed...

Dr. Zomboss: Ok, balloon zombie, the normal balloons failed. Now we shall use weighted-helium balloons.

Balloon Zombie: Watevarz

Dr. Zomboss: BUT FIRST, you need to know how to use it. You press left button to go up and right button to go down. OK?

Balloon Zombie: Brainzkay

Dr. Zomboss: Good.

Later, at the lawn...

Balloon Zombie: Ok. So...oh yeah. Left button.

Balloon zombie holds the left button, making him go up.

Balloon Zombie: Haha cactus & cattail can't get me now!

Cattail: Don't count on it.

Cattail shoots a spike, and it starts chasing balloon zombie.

Balloon Zombie: Ahhh!!!

Ballon Zombie flys randomly around, with the spike following him.

Cattail: Told 'ya.

Balloon Zombie: I'll just continue going up.

Balloon Zombie continues going up.

Balloon Zombie: Huh?

Nyan Cat: Welcome to space!

Space Core: We're in space!

Wheatly: I know that.

Cattail: With my very far vision I can see nyan cat. Now I realise balloon zombie is lucky to be up there. I just wish I was there.

Balloon Zombie: Wait a minute...


Balloon Zombie: Helium balloons pop when they get to space! Also, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Balloon Zombie hit the ground too hard

Cactus: Isn't that a message that appears in minecraft?!

Cactus: You're fired narrator!


The End.