"Hey, maybe we should check out the new restaurant over there!" said Repeater

"Maybe, let's check it out!" said Wall-nut, "I sure am Starving!"

When they went inside the door, they got captured and taken to the kitchen, by a chef zombie.

"Aah, time to make the best Wall-nut Soup ever!" said the Chef Zombie

"Oh, what about the Repeater Pasta?!" said a Cook.

"Nice! Let's get working!" said the Chef Zombie

Wall-nut was put into the hot pan, face first. Repeater watched as his death was being horrible. When it was cooked enough, he was put into the blender, then into the pan again.

"OH NO!" said the Repeater, just as he had his head tooken off and put into the pan with tomato sauce and Pasta, Repeater was made into nice sauce and pasta, then served to Customer 20000000 and Wall-nut served to Customer 700.

Marigold found the restaurant, and took a seat. when she was paying, she produced 691891891919 coins. She felt a little pull, that's when the zombie added her peddle to the pot, Marigold Sandwich! Marigold's head was taken off and cut into pieces, putting it into the hot sandwich, the Waiter Zombie served it.

Puff-shroom became Puff Soda, Peashooter became Pea Meal, Sunflower became Sun Taco. ADD MORE WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PLANTS.

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