By Yaseen.ibrahim.90. The song is written and Sung by Chomper.


I can feel it.

I am feeling and I can feel it

I am a chomper and I eat food the size of human

That seems to be terrifying

The Chomper, it's the Chomper

It's the Chomper, i am the Chomper

The Chomper, oh yah'!

The Chomper, ya ya!

The Chomper is more than just chomping

I can even swallow things

Just like a monster

Yah, oh yah i am horrifying

I am famous becuase i am terrifying

and I know i'm the best

I'm the best

I'm the best

Oh yah!

it's the Chomper, the Chomper

The Chomper

The Chomper!

Who can even swallow things like me.

It is gonna be Zombie Goo!

I know he is big and dangerous but i am much more.

I am famous and he is not.

Yah ,in your face Zombie goo!

And here's is my last word

I am The Chomper

and Im the Best than anyone.

The Chomper!

Yah oh Yah!


  • This song is more like a rap rather than a normal song.
  • In the song it was mentioned that chomper is famous for bieng terrifying.
  • This song is actually written by me. The reason I wrote written by chomper is in fictional ways to tell he is the one who written it.

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