The Adventures of Roshi is a fan-made series about the incredible adventures that Roshi experienced. Created by Pyroky. The entire series is the prequel to Plants vs. Zombies Begins!

Title Time that the story takes place
The Great adventure of Roshi 3 months before the prologue of PvZ Begins. (2 / 6 /1984)
The Unexpected adventure of Roshi 1 month before the prologue of PvZ begins. (4 / 6 / 1984)
The Risky adventure of Roshi 7 days before the prologue of PvZ Begins. (4 / 28 / 1984)
The Final and Last adventure of Roshi

2 days before the prologue of PvZ Begins. (5 / 3 / 1984)

Fictional chronology with other fanfics, TV shows and real-life gamesEdit

Fanfics that I like and well known are in this.


  • Roshi is a human, not a plant.

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