Well, I'm just really wondering why do zombies love the letter Z. I mean, it's like a cult, since they don't like any other letters than Z. I see those Z letters everywhere and they seem to love it. ZASA, ZHL, Z1 Assault Blaster, Z4 Crossbow, ZPG, Zomboni, and much more. They even only buy products that contain the letter Z, like Nissan 370Z, Xperia Z series, etc. When they go to Indonesia and buy stuff, of course they also pick stuff that contains the letter Z, like Zyrex laptops (they're only sold in Indonesia), Avanza, Zotac PC components, etc.

Here are some charts about phones zombies buy. I got these from Zomboss, if you're asking. The data is mixed, i.e. new and used phones data are combined. Also, Zomboss only picks cars that zombies buy the most. Only counts Los Angeles, since it's where he lives now.


The most possible reason is that Z is the first letter in the word "zombie". However, it can't be that only reason; it may have some different reasons. So far, my investigations are shown below.


To help me investigate the reason why zombies love the letter Z, I interviewed some zombies, and also Zomboss. Here are some quick summaries of the interviews.

  • Zomboss said that they love the letter Z because it's the rarest letter used in writings. It has some relations to certain things, like rarely got accidents and rarely encounter bad things.
  • The Super Commando (he has lots of "Z" letters all over his crossbow) says that "Z" is used in the word "zoom". Snipers and some soldiers usually zooms with their scope if what they want to kill is pretty far away.

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