This is a story that tells the secrets of the Sunflower. It's made by A zombie.

Cast&Characters Edit

  • Sunflower aka. Sunny- Main progoianist. She is 19 years.
  • Different zombies
  • C. Dave- Leader of the plants. He is crazy, and is kidnapped along with the other plants. He is 46 years old.
  • Repeater aka. Reap- He is the brother of Peashooter and Snow Pea. He can quickly be mean, and his role is to take care of Sunny. 23 years old.
  • Twin Sunflower aka. TS- Preppy character. She can be like a boss sometimes. 26 years old and has tiny feelings for Reap.
  • Peashooter aka. Peat- A pretty smart plant. He likes to eat peas. He had some feelings for Sunny until he found out that she was evil. 19 years old.
  • Wall-nut aka. Wally- He is a nutty nut. Sometimes he is not so smart. Loves bowling and rolling. 18 years old, and had a little feelings for Snowy.
  • Matilda- Gardener or C. Dave's helper/assistant. She is smart, and after C. Dave got kidnapped it was now her role to take care of the plants. She had some feelings for C. Dave, and she are 41 years old.
  • Ms. Bloom (Brief apperance)- Owner of Bloom and Doom seed co. She is 29 years old.
  • Power Flower aka. PF- A little preppy, and she is a hippie. She goes often to New York to demonstrate.
  • (Adolf) Hitler (Cameo)- German prime minister that started World War (II). When Dr. Zomboss watched its speech, he was 46 years old.
  • Snow Pea aka. Snowy- Smart karate girl. She had some tiny feelings for Wall-Nut before, but not now.
  • Garlic aka. Garl- Almost no one is close to him beacuse of the smell. He is pretty crazy. 45 years old.
  • Laser bean aka. LB (Brief apperance)- From the Far Future. Likes to annoy people. 33 years old.
  • (Hypinoticed) Tall-nut (Brief apperancee)- Older brother of Wall-nut. 42 years old.
  • Umbrella-leaf (Mentioned)- No description. Only just 32 years old.

Plot Edit

Part 1: No title


Conehead: Meh. *Dies*

Wally: That was it for the day! Sunny, can you heal me up?

Sunny: Sure.

Peat: So know what?

TS: Let's go shopping!

Reap: Pfft, shopping is for girls.

TS: HEY don't you dare saying that to two beauty girls!

Reap: You look ugly!

PF: No need to be rude.

Sunny: Why not?

PF: YOU ask about WHY we not are gonna be RUDE? I thought you always was nice..

Peat: What ever.

Wally: Where is C. Dave by the way?

Sunny: Er...

Peat: Oh, its evening. I'd better head over to the Zen Garden.

TS: You mean Greenhouse?

Reap: Shut up.

Sunny: *Whispers to her self* Yes, shut up. When the night comes, I'll tell the mushrooms that the zombies won't come, so then I can kidnapp another plant wich is gonna be WALL-NUT! (Wally)

At the next day, Matilda headed over to the Zen Garden to make sure everyone was ok.

Matilda: Where is Wally?

PF: I don't know...

Part 2- Dr. Zomboss' speech

Dr. Zomboss just saw Hitler's speech. He wanted to do the same (Like Hitler wanted to take over the world, Dr. Zomboss wanted to take over all the plants and world to. That's how Zombie War IIII started. But that didn't happen before 3 years beacuse everything he needed to make), so just then Sunny came with a doped Wally, and she said: Here you go, boss!

Dr. Zomboss: Zombieawesome! Next time you are gonna get Reap! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha... Achoo!

Sunny: Alrighty!

Dr. Zomboss: Anyways, I gotta go and hold my speech. *Says from a mic* Everyone! Come to the scene at 1PM, and I'm gonna hold my speech.

So, at 1 PM all the zombies were at scene ready for listening.

Dr. Zomboss: Good morning! So, I have a super-plan we are gonna start. You know, long time ago, Hitler tryed to take over the world along with his troopers. Right?

The zombies: Yes!

Dr. Zomboss: So, he failed. But now, we are gonna take over the self, and ALL is gonna be ZOMBIES!!! Mwuhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

The zombies: Mwuhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Extra Zombie: But that'll take extra long time, 3 years, beacuse the machines and that stuff!

The zombies: !zniarB

EZ: *Facepalm* Wrong way, idiots!

Now, let's head over to the Zombie Academy where the Z-team had to go back beacuse of a Tombstone to explode by the Gnome bomb.


The Zombies did it, and then GS singed with an ugly Zombie-vocie: Push up, every morning, Ten times!

Okay, now back to the garden.

Matilda: Ok, we gotta find Wally! Reap, you take defense, with TS to help you with sun. Peat, and PF, you go find C. Dave and Wally. Where is Sunflower?

Basic Zombie: (I'm not basic!) Brainz.

Matilda: The zombies are coming! Attack, and I'm gonna take care of C. Dave's house.

Reap: Okay, Matilda! *Fires peas*

TS: By the way, where are the other plants? Only us and the mushrooms are here...

Matilda: Well, Peat'n PF is on the way to find 'em.

At the way where Peat and PF are, they have only walked 0,5km.

Peat: May we take a break?

PF: Yeah.

And then they they took a break.

Peat: Alright, ready to go agian

PF: Yes.

So then, they walked agian

Part 3: Oh, no...

PF: Where are we now?

Peat: I don't know...

PF: Let's find Dr. Zomboss' estate.

After 6 hours they were there.

Peat: Phew, finnaly!

PF: Yeah, finnaly. But this area is scary! Do you dare to go first?

Peat: Why not go togheter?

PF: O-okay...

And then, they walked in. But oh, no! A Camo Ranger saw them, and he touched the alarm bottun.

Dr. Zomboss: What the zomb is going on?! Hey, Pole vaulter, go get them!

Pvz: Okay!

And then he runned.

Peat: Oh gosh, we'd better run!

Then they breaked a glass at Dr. Z.'s mansion, and Peat jumped in. So PF. Then they saw Sunny!

Peat: What the HECK is going on?!?!

Sunny: OH, WHAT YOU SAW ME?! Hah, take this! *Throws a flaming stick on them*

It missed!

PF: Hah, take that! Now it's our turn! Peat?

Peat: Sure! *Shoots a pea*

It missed too!

Sunny: You weak stupid plants! *Calls Dr. Zomboss*

Dr. Zomboss(From phone): I'll be there soon!

The emenies kept fighting, but all attacks missed!

Peat: Now it's our turn agian! *Hurryes up, and finds a belt to bind Sunflower's arm/leaf(s) and takes her out of the window (With Wally and PF) right before Dr. Zomboss come.*

Dr. Zomboss: Where is Sunny? The plants must have kidnapped her! I'd better hurry up!

The plants runned back to the garden. Matilda was talking with Ms. Bloom about this issue.

PF: We got Sunny! And Wally!

Matilda: Good! Now, Ms. Bloom, any comments?

Ms. Bloom: Sunflower (Sunny), why did you do this to us? What bad did we ever do to you?

Sunny: I tryed to be as nice as I could, but most of them was never nice to me. I got so angry that I turned into the zombie's side.

TS: Was that it? Was that your big secret?

Sunny: Nope. I have a much more BIGGER secret, wich I'm NEVER EVER gonna tell.

Reap: Meh, we'll find it out soon easely, so who cares

Sunny: I do...

PF: What so ever...

Peat: So now we just need to find C. Dave and the other plants. Where are them, Sunny?!

Sunny: You'll have to find them yourself.


Sunny: Fine. Place me in the room.

Wally: Reap?

Reap: Yes! *Takes Sunny and place her in the room. Closes the door.*

Sunny (When no one hears her): I'm a SUN-FLOWER, so I can just make Sun light. *Lights up the room.* *Gasps* It is evening, I'll go ahead and sleep. *Sleeps*

Peat: *Gasps* Reap, It's evening. Can you check Sunny?

Reap: On my way, to the hay! That was a joke. Yes, I'll check Sunny. *Goes to the room and opens door*

Reap: OH, WHAT THE HECK?! The light is on?!

Sunny: *Wakes up* Don't you distrub me! Yes, I can light the room with my Solar Power.

Reap: Got another secret! Ha ha! Ok, you can have the light on, as long as you don't get away.

Sunny: Fine. (Whispers to herself:) When I was on their side they forced me to a lot beacuse I was weak, and didn't attack. Now, as I'm stronger, I'm gonna force them! Ha, ha! Take that!

Reap: Guys, Sunny lighted up the room!

All the plants without Reap: What?!

Reap: But I told it was okay as long as she didn't get away. And if you wonder how she did light the room up, she used her Solar Power.

All the plants without Reap: Oh.

Part 4: Sunny's plan and Dr. Zomboss new creation

The next day, Sunny tryed to find a way out.

Sunny: Aha! I got it. First, when Reap or whoever comes to check me, I blind them with the Solar Power. Then I run back to Dr. Zomboss.

PF: Okay, I'm going to New York to demonstrate. Bye!

All the plants: Bye!

TS: Alright, we gotta find the right times to check Sunny.

Peat: I say 3 times daily. Right now, and 2 other times.

TS: Alright. Do you other agree?

The other plants: Yes!

Peat: Okay, who goes first?

Reap: I can. *Goes to the room and opens door*

Sunny: Hah, HAVE MY SUN POWER!! *Shoots Sun beam at Reap that blinds him*

Reap: Ugh..................................... ""___""

Sunny: Haha, sucker! You should be prepared!

Reap: Sigh..........

Sunny: *Runs to the Zomboss estate.*

Dr. Zomboss: Why, hello Sunny! Where have you been?

Sunny: I got kidnapped by the plants.

Dr. Zomboss: I knew it! So in the mean time I created something new! Not a Zombot, not a Zomblimp, but a...

Sunny: Wat, wat???

Dr. Zomboss: False plant food! When any plants eat it, they get blinded! And with that, we can just get easily brains!

Sunny: Exellent plan you got there! I have my own plan to!

Dr. Zomboss: What's the plan?

Sunny: Well... I kidnap Wally, so then I get a costume, so I look EXACTULY like him! Then I can trick the plants so we then can get the brains easely peasely!

Dr. Zomboss: Zombieawesome idea you got there! And with that false Plant food I made we'll get the brains in no time! But you are not gonna be like Wally beacuse he as not hands! You'll be PF!

Sunny: But she tripped to New York!

Dr. Zomboss: Then you'll be Snowy! Just say that you got able to run away from us, and then you give 'em my False Plant food, and then I'm gonna send in the zombies, and THEN we are gonna get BRAINS!!! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha... Achoo!

Sunny: Sunaws! Haha!

Then, Dr. Zomboss gave Sunny the costume and the False Plant Food that looks same like normal Plant Food. He also gave her a microphone to get the same vocie as Snowy. Then Sunny in the costume walked to the garden.

Sunny (With costume): Hey guys! I completed to run away from Dr. Zomboss! Let's celebrate with some Plant Food! I won't eat, beacuse I have to wait some days before I can eat what plants eat agian, but all of you will get Plant Food! *Gives False Plant Food to all the plants*

All the plants: YAY! Plant Food *Eats it and gets blinded instantely*

Sunny (With costume): *Grabs a phone and calls Dr. Zomboss* Okay, send in the zombies!

Dr. Zomboss sended in the zombies, and when they came, they ated the plants!

BUT, the plants new it was gonna happen too! So they quickly blinded Sunny, and killed the zombies. The plants were acctuly weak robo-plants, so they acted same as the normal plants.

Sunny: I can't see anything!

Wally: Beacuse we blinded you, sucker!

TS: The zombies are coming though!

Peat: Oh no, Gargantuar!

Snow Pea: C'mon I'm cool. We are not that many plants, but we can still deal with him!

Sunny: Come on Garg, you can do it, you can do it!

Reap: Shut up. *Places a mask over her mouth*

Sunny: Mm, m!

The plants kept fighting the gargantuar. Then he threw his imp.

Imp: Bwahahahah!

More zombies came.

Buckethead: Brainz.

Wally: Aw, man these zombies are too hard to deal with!

Then suddenly PF returned!

PF: Any plants that need some help?

Peat: Oh, thank lord!


Conehead: Meh. *Dies*

Then the plants killled all the zombies.

Sunny (Inside herself): NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

TS: Reap, place Sunny in the room.

Reap: Okay!

Meanwhile Reap did it, Sunny found a knife and picket it up. Then she hided it, and Reap threw her inside the room.

Sunny: Hah! Now as I got the knife, I can just get myself outta here! Or atleast my hands, etc free. *Gets her body free* Yippie! Now I just gotta wait, so I can take Reap inside this room beacuse it's dark! Why didin't I think of that before??

Then Reap opened the door.

Sunny: *Takes Reap longer inside, and closes the room. Then she runs back to Dr. Zomboss.* Hey, boss! I got Reap inside, and stole the key, so they can't open a special room. And it's a DARK room!

Dr. Zomboss: :D, exelent plan you got there agian! Now, how did my plan go?

Sunny: Very bad, beacuse (I'm happy) they did know of the plan, so they placed robo-plants that acted the same like them.

Dr. Zomboss: WHAT?! How did they spy at us!? Alright, now we gotta spy at THEM!

Sunny: Good plan, boss, good plan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Part 5- Telling jokes

So back at the garden, the plants were bored.

TS: How about telling jokes?

Wally: Good idea!

Peat: I can start. There was a crazy boy that was on school:

Teacher: Okay, what's your name?

Boy: I don't know.

Teacher: Go home then, and ask your parents.

Boy: Okay!

Narrator: So then he walked home, and said to her mom wich was reading a newspaper:

Boy: Mom, what's my name?

Mom: Shhh!

Narrator: Then he walked to his dad wich was watching football on TV.

Boy: Dad, what's my name?

Narrator: Then they just scored.

Dad: YES!

Narrator: Then he walked to his little brother wich plaing with Far Future toys.

Boy: Little brother, what's my name?

Little brother: SUPERMAN!

Narrator: Then, the next day he walked to school agian.

Teacher: Now, what's your name?

Boy: Shhh!

Teacher: Do you wanna go to the principal?

Boy: YES!

Narrator: Then they walked to the principal.

Principal: Who do you really think you are?



All the plants: Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD

Wally: Here is my joke:

Narrator: There was a boy named Eric.

Eric: Teacher, what does I don't know means?

Teacher: I don't know.

Eric: But you gotta know what it means, since you are the teacher!


TS: I don't have much to say.

Part 6: Oh, no... #2

Peat: But where is Reap?

PF: We forgot about him!

Garl: *Quickly gets up from a bush* I have my own Ultra Super Spy-glasses, so I saw that when Reap opened the door, Sunny hurryed up and took Reap longer into the room. Then, she hitted him with the key, and closed the door. Then she runned away with the key.

Wally: Where, where?!

Garl: To Dr. Zomboss.

Snowy: *Gets quickly up from the bush too* Yup. I spyed too. See, I'm (a) cooler. Dr. Zomboss is planning to spy at us.

Peat: But we need to get the key! And stop them from spying at us, of course.

Wally: Meh. Just let Reap stay. He deservs it, since he have bullyed me many times.

LB: Don't be a jerk.

TS: YOU. ARE. SUCH. A. JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 000000000000000000000000000 "!" Later...

TS: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LB: Trololololololololol...

TS: GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wally: *Takes a bite of Garl, and rolls over LB*

LB: *Gets throwen a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way into a 50s town: Cuba.*

French man: Blearh! Whate a smelle!

His bread and vine got stinky so he threw it away, if you asked. Anyways, back to the garden.

Peat: Glad that he is gone, at least.

Imitater LB: What?


Wally: *Does same thing as before*

PF: Phew, he's gone, atleast.

Snowy: And I'm still cool.

Let's see how Sunny and Edgy-

Dr. Zomboss: Don't call me that!

Fine, Zomboss and Su-

Dr. Zomboss: Grades, A Zombie.


DR. Zomboss: WHAT?! You said Gregory!? You'll pay for that... !!

Then me and Dr. Zomboss starts to fight the last 30 minutes.

Author: KO!

Yes! I won. Anyways, let's flashback...

So let's see how Dr. Zomboss and Sunny is doing...

Dr. Zomboss: With my Super-spy 3000, the plants will taste their own medicine! Mwuhahaha!

Sunny: I've also stolen the key, so Reap is gonna be in the room 4 EVAH!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Dr. Zomboss: YAH! Zombieawesome!

Sunny: *Stares at the camera*

Camera blows up

Dr. Zomboss: WHAT?! HOW???????????????????????????????? Those plants must have seen us! GRRR!!!

Sunny: Now. it's. my. turn.

Part 7: Sunflower's secret (Final part)

Dr. Zomboss: So what are you gonna do?

Sunny: It's a secret.

At the lawn.

Snow Pea: KOCHIWCHA! Isin't that cool?

Peat: No, it isn't cool.

TS: So what are we gonna do then?

Vocie: Stay were you are

Wally: Where did that come from?!

Vocie: Your own soul-dum.

TS: You mean doom?

Vocie: What ever. Soon you'll all die anyways.

PF: NEVER EVER!!! *Charges an attack and shoot at the wall on the room where Reap are* POWIE!!!!!

Reap: Alright we GOTTA hurry up! I've heard everything and I know who the vocie comes from.

Peat: WHO, WHO?!

Reap: Sunny.

TS: I knew it! Let's go get her.

The plants followed Reap.

Reap: Here we are. PF, open the door.

PF: Okay! *Opens the door*

Wally: Now we just need to find the right place, and we will see who's all behind thi- But OMG, it's a tousandss of doors! O_O, Oh, uh...

Reap: It's this door! *Goes to the door and opens it*

Wally: Now let's see about who's all behind this! Can't wait!

All plants: TALL-NUT?!

TS: Weird, since this room is whole of old Macintosh computer screens and Sun-decorations...

Wally: My brother?! This can't be right.

Tall-nut: Yup, it is me. I did it all.

Sunny (Behind the Tall-nut whispering to him): Psst! I did it all, but don't tell 'em!

Tall-nut: I lied. Sun- (Gets holden over with his mouth) *Uses his tounge to slick Sunny's hand/leaf*

Sunny (Loud): Eouh!

Peat: Gotcha! Achevemient unlocked!

Sunny: (Sigh) Fine, I give up. In many years I've watched y'all. This time I wanted revenge, and was about to drop a bomb from the sky via Bungee zombie, but you just... DIDIN'T STOP ME IN TIME! *Presses bottun wich makes Bungee Zombie drop down from the sky and throw a zombomb (Not gargantuar zombomb). Muhahahahahaha!!!

Peat: Yes, we did stop you in time. Somehow the aim was at Umbrella-leaf.

Sunny: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reap: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LB: Hey, I'm back.

Peat: Perfect! Now you'll join me along with Edgar, Sunny and us to see our party.

LB: Dang it!

Epilogue Edit

Then all the plants and C. Dave got free, and the emenies had a rope over their body at their own chair. It was evening, and the fireworks got up in the skyes.

C. Dave: Wabby Wabbo.


Reap: Heh, I'm sure that you won't do it.

LB: But I have my lazor! *Melts the rope*

Reap: Eat Garlic (Garl) then!

LB: *Eats Garl and falls asleep. Then he gets thrown to Hawaii this time* YES! Hawaii.

Girl: Blearh! You smell really bad

LB: Atleast I'm at Hawaii and can just chill.

But he was totally wrong.

THE END!! Edit

Refrences&Trivia Edit

* The " Push up, every morning, Ten times!" was a refrencee from the song "Chicken fat".

*There is a YouTube vid. where Hitler's speech are in Germany language with English text.

* The secret that the Sunflower works for Dr. Zomboss is between the revall in: Revenge of Sunflower by Mattycn. However, the Sunflower has an other secret wich is revaled later in this story.

  • When TS is saying that LB is such a jerk, etc the sentences there are based on "Laser Bean is SUCH a jerk" by CCP.
  • When I say "Let's see how Sunny and Edgy-", to when me and him fights the next 30 minutes, those sentences are based on BGB's zombie interwiews.

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