Made by: The Zombie O.O

Note: This is my first fanfic.

List of story stuff...



Crazy Dave




Bonk Choy

Flower Pot

Winter Melon

Snow Pea





Chilli Bean



Browncoat Zombie

Dr. Zomboss


Football Zombie





1)When Crazy Dave lands on Chilli Bean, causing a large fart, it is actually a reference to the Kung-Fu World Trailer, where Tall-nut lands on a Chilli Bean.

2)Repeater's exploding "gifts" is a reference to Jokey Smurf, who gives presents that blow up to gullible smurfs.

Chapter 1: The Prank Begins

Date: 29/5/14. Location: Crazy Dave's House, Player's Town One night, Sunflower is walking into Crazy Dave's bathroom with a bag of liquid...

The next day...

Crazy Dave: *Yawns* Another day, now to have a shower and plant some plants....

  • Crazy Dave turns on the shower, but instead of water, green liquid pours out!*

Crazy Dave: Wha- *looks at mirror* AAAGGGHHH!

Sunflower (From another room): Hehehe...

Crazy Dave: Ok Dave, don't panic, don't just need to wipe yourself up... *Grabs some soap and water from the tap and washes himself up.*

Crazy Dave: There, i think i should be clean now! *He does not realize he is still green and looks more like a zombie.*

Crazy Dave: Oh hello plants! *Opens door*

Scaredy-shroom: AAAAH! You aren't the man from the're the Z-z-z-zombie BOSS!

  • The plants turn around and start shooting at Dave*

Crazy Dave: OW! OOH, ARGH! What did i ever do to you?! *Runs off*

Sunflower: HAHAHAHA!

  • Peashooter notices Sunflower laughing*

Peashooter: Hey Sunflower, what's with the laughing?

Sunflower: Oh, i played a prank on Dave today! That "zombie" over there was Crazy DAVE! Ahahahahha!

Kernel-pult: Whoa, cool! May we prank him also?

Sunflower: SURE! It's gonna be fun anyways. Now Scaredy!

Scaredy-shroom: Y-y-y-y-yes sunflower?

Sunflower: You guard the lawn at night! BY YOURSELF.

Scaredy-shroom: WHAT?! But t-t-t-there might be z-z-z-z-zombies!

Squash: It's for the pranks! Now goodbye!

Scaredy-shroom: NO! Wai- *Door locks*

Later, at night...

Crazy Dave: It should be safe now...wait, why is Scaredy guarding the lawn alone? But anyways, that'll allow me to escape quicker.. *Sneaks into house and lands onto bed*

Chapter 2: The Ordeal of Breakfast

Date: 31/5/14. Crazy Dave: Aah, morning! Now to get- wait, why am i stuck?

  • Sees a pool of butter on his bed*

Kernel-pult (Outside Crazy Dave's room): Score! Hahahah...

Later, after 1 hour of getting up...

Crazy Dave: Let's see what i have in my fridge...i remember i had...PRECIOUS TACOS! O.O

  • Opens fridge, only for a leaf to punch him into it, causing Hot Sauce and pieces of taco to be on his face.*

Bonk Choy (On ceiling): He's so gonna be mad....hey Flower Pot! Don't tickle my roots!

Flower Pot: I-i-i-i-i-i'm not! It's W-w-w-w-w-winter m-me-me-melon! He's j-j-just way t-t-too cold!

Winter Melon: WHAT?! I have to withstand Kernel's butter on my "Pult"!

Crazy Dave: Oghh...i really need to take a bath... *Goes into bathroom*

Crazy Dave: HEY! W-w-why is the water c-c-c-c-c-c-cold?! (Frozen peas start floating from the water)

Snow Pea: Sunflower really has good ideas sometimes!

Several minutes later, in the dining room, Crazy Dave is sitting at a table with Chomper, Peashooter and Sunflower.

Chomper: Oh hey Dave!

Crazy Dave: Ok, w-w-w-which Peashooter h-h-h-has been acting w-w-w-weird today?

Peashooter: I don't know, it isn't me still...

Sunflower: Yeah, who would do that?

Cabbage-pult (Rushes from kitchen to Dining Room): INCOMING! I got the soup for you guys! Come, have some! *Cabbage-pult puts a mean soup on the table*

Chomper: Errgh, i spit goop, but this is... BLERGH!

Cabbage-pult: When i cook soup, everyone eats it if they don't want to seem like a cabbage without roots!

Sunflower: No offense cabbage, this is horrible! *Leaves table immediately*

Peashooter: I'm out of here! *Runs off*

Crazy Dave: Fine, more for me then! *Eats all of the soup*

Crazy Dave: Aah, that was goo- oh stomach hurts! I NEED THE TOILETT (Runs away)

Cabbage-pult: Oh dang, laxative may be a bit too poisonous for my soup. Maybe i can make it fluorescent with fluorescein...

  • A few hours later*

Crazy Dave: Aah, that felt good...i don't know why i had to go and do my business so badly.. anyways, (Bursts out of the door) HELLO PLAN- (Blasted by wind)

Blover: Huh? Oh hey Crazy Dave!

Crazy Dave: BLOVER! Why did yo-....... OWWW! *Jumps up*

Spikeweed: See Blover, i knew this would work...

  • Crazy Dave lands on Chilli Bean, causing a large fart.*

Snapdragon: *Comes out and accidentally smells gas* WHAT TH- oh yeah, the prank! *Breathes fire at Dave's posterior*

Crazy Dave: UGGGGG- AARGGGG *Runs into direction of Zomboss Estate*

Chapter 3: Football Zombie's determination

31/5/14. Zomboss Estate, Forest of BRAINSZ

Dr. Zomboss: Now Zombies, do you know what to do?

Zombie: Uh?

Dr. Zomboss: Aah yes, you attack Crazy Dave's-

Crazy Dave (Reaching Zomboss Estate): AAAAAAGGGGG someone put out da fire!

Football Zombie: *Sees Crazy Dave* Brainsz! *Crashes through Zombies*

Zombie: HEY, watch it!

Zombie #2: Yeah, stupid footballer! He never seen one before anyways....

Football Zombie: Bring me your BRAINS (Runs towards Crazy Dave)

Crazy Dave: Aaah! HELP! HELP!! *Runs back to the house*

Dr. Zomboss: Now, activate the ZOMBLIMP! *Zombies jump into Zomblimp, while Zomboss uses his ZomBox to control it*

Crazy Dave: HELP! Someplant save me! A Zombie!

Football Zombie: COME BACK!

Peashooter: Ready, aim, fire!

  • Plants start shooting Zomblimp and Football Zombie*

Crazy Dave: Great scott! I have to scoot! *Runs into house*

Chapter 4: The Penta-peater prank

Date: 1/6/14. Location: Living room of Crazy Dave

Middle Head: COME ON! Why am i not getting any kills?!

  • Threepeater is seen playing PvZGW, and Crazy Dave appears behind them*

Left Head: Psst, guys! He's behind us! Activate the button!

Right Head: Oh, ok! *Presses button and Crazy Dave falls into a hole*

Crazy Dave: AAah!

  • Crazy Dave falls into a hole*
  • A few hours later...*

Crazy Dave: Urgh, there! I finally made it out!

Crazy Dave: Now to go to sle- zzzzzz *BOOOM*

Crazy Dave (With his face burnt): What the...

Sunflower: Ahahhaha! We were pranking you so much earlier!And the day before yesterday..

Crazy Dave: WHAT?!

Cabbage-pult: Yes, we did! We totally made you so dumb!

  • Later, after the plants told about their pranks*

Crazy Dave: PLANTS!! Stop the pranks, OKAY?!

Repeater: Ok ok ok....jk, nope! AHAHAHAHA!

Crazy Dave: GRRRRR!

Repeater: Fine fine, have a present!

Crazy Dave: A present? For me? *Opens*

  • Present explodes*

Repeater: Ahahahahhaha!

Crazy Dave: .....


Location: Zen Garden area for Night Plants

Crazy Dave: And you will STAY THERE until tomorrow! GOOD NIGHT! 

Melon-pult: Blasted! Sunflower, did you think this would be a good idea?

Repeater: Yeah, we got total night now!

Threepeater's middle and right head: And no games!

Left Head: To cheat at!

Crazy Dave (Outside): There, that should do the- AAH!

  • Crazy Dave stepped on Spikeweed, and Crazy Dave tumbles into the Garden, landing near Scaredy-shroom*

Scaredy-shroom: Zzzzz...wait what?! EEK! It's the guy NOT from the circus!

---THE END---


  • This is the first fan fiction created by The Zombie O.O
  • All the "-pult" plants appear in the fan fiction.
  • This is one of the first fan fictions where a plant mentions a chemical in real life.

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