By Yaseen. Written and sung by Star fruit and Sunflower.


Star fruit:

You know what ? I can taste some lemon juice !

lemon juice seems very tasty and sour but starfruit juice seems sweet and incredible.

Am I right! Sometimes Stars are better than Star fruits. Am I right?


Yes you are right! Stars are brighter and very twinky than...Starfruits.

Stars are better than Starfruits. Am I right ? But sometimes I am better than Starfruits.

Star fruit:

yes you are right and you are better than Starfruits.

Sunflower are like the sun glowing brighter.

Am I right!


Acually I am wrong! Stars are better than Starfruits and Stars are larger than the Sun.


Yah! Stars are better than Starfruits and we know that!

Bing bong.

Bong bing.

Bing bong.

Bong Bing.

Stars are better than Star fruits.


  • This song is actually written by me. The reason I wrote written by Star fruit and Sunflower is in fictional ways to tell they are the plants that written the Song.
  • It is true that Stars are better than Starfruits or anything.

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