Siege On Rose's Castle



Pea-jay Peashooter

Sunny Sunflower 

Bitey the Chomper

Queen Rose

Nibbles the Imp

Brainzy the Scientist

Hikee the Foot Soldier

Boltface the Engineer




Narrator: Our story begins long ago, in the mid-evil times. Wizards had built up a massive set of portals linked from around the time-space continuum, from present day to ancient Zgypt itself. One mistake they'd made, though, was they forgot to anticipate and prepare for the chances of a zombie outbreak. They knew it was coming, but did nothing to stop it. They'd built the portals and then... left.

Soon, in the hectic city of Zomburbia, rumors broke out about the Seeds Of Time. And then, with this knowledge presented to-

Zomboss: A secret set of time portals?! Amusement parks? POP SMARTS?!!?

Nibbles: Immmmndeed, Master. The zommmbies have all beenmmm preparing for a fight not yet ammmnticipated. Gemmmmneral Supremo and the othermmmm leadeers... have failed to reasonmmm with the zommmmbies.

Zomboss: Is this a riot?! BAH! I won't stand for this intolerance!

Nibbles: But ummmmm sir, you mmmneed to see that this is a way to get zommmmbie moral up! Mmm.

Zomboss: Ah, right. Those bumbling fools still like to have a good festival every once in a while.

Nibbles: Immmmneed, Master. We should dmmmnefinitally take over this ammmmusement paaark. It'll earn us a few mmmmillion revenue per day, mmmhmm.

Zomboss: ( sigh ) Alright, go tell the zombies to plan an attack on that dreaded amusement park. At least we'll have some more cash flow.


Zomboss: Where're the Pop Smarts, again?

Chapter 1

Narrator: Word got out about the assault on Seeds Of Time Park. Dave was really upset, but for what reason? It could be perhaps that, just maybe, he's afraid to lose the park. Or maybe he knows of some ancient plant heritage? It could even be because of-

Dave: ( sobbing ) TACOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Narrator: Oh. Yes. Because of taco.

( short pause )

Narrator: Anyways, Dave was upset because he'd left his taco in the amusement park and he doesn't want any zombies to eat it. He's just gotta get it back, somehow...

Dave: ( pulls out a phone, dials in a number ) I need my best L.E.A.F agents here on the double! ( Click! ) 

( Peajay, Sunny, and Bitey arrive at the the garage )

Peajay: We've gotten word of a crisis, what could the problem be?

Dave: I left my taco at Seeds Of Time!!!

Peajay: ( sigh )

Sunny: Don't worry! It's nice to be out of the greenhouse every once in a while.

( Bitey growls in agreement )

Dave: Oh, and also, the zombies are planning to take over Seeds Of Time. But that's not as important as the tac-

Peajay: You bet your leaf that's important! The portals make an exact link straight to Queen Rose III's castle! If they take over Queen Rose's castle, then the plant heritage will be shattered!

Sunny: Huh?

Peajay: They're gonna control us exactly how they want us to act! They'll become the evil kings of the castle and, since that area is so closely linked to our lives today, we'll all be turned into minions for the zombie side!

( Bitey and Sunny gasp in fear. Dave burps )

Peajay: C'mon we need to beat them to it!!

Dave: So, you're not gonna find my taco?

Sunny: I'm afraid this is more important, Dave. But we promise to find the taco for you, anyways! :)

Peajay: ( sigh )

Chapter 2

Narrator: As the zombie troop arrived at Seeds Of Time, they'd noticed something was up. Crazy Dave's car was parked in front of the building, and there was dirt and fertilizer spilled onto the concrete parking lot. They disregarded it as just a mere coincidence, but then their attention drew to the gates of the amusement park. The park doors were wide open, and not a human was in sight. Grass and soil were trailed across the walkways, and the smallest of zombies became very suspicious...

Nibbles: They couldmmmn't possibmmly be closed today. Tmmmhe gates are wide ommmmpen!

Brainzy: Ah, but see! We have no need to pay our ticket! Takeover will be very cheap now!

Nibbles: MMMmmaybe we'd oughta mmmnot go immmn. Cmmmrazy Dave's car is mmmmparked out frommmmnt!

Hikee: You're getting too in-depth, Nibbles. Just relax and enjoy the sights as we commence "Operation Invade-The-Seeds-Of-Time-Amusement-Park-And-Also-Think-Of-A-Shorter-Name-For-This-Operation-Because-It's-Kinda-Cliche!"

Boltface: Yea, bro. Just chill and go with the flow.

Nibbles: ( nervously ) Mmmmmmm...

( the zombies walk into the park and immediately notice there is a garden positioned in the middle of the attractions. )

Nibbles: Mmmmmnow how do you explmmmmain that?!

Hikee: Oh, uhhhhh..... maybe they like gardens and we didn't notice?

Brainzy: No, something's very off...


Boltface: Ooh, that's a bummer. I didn't know there'd be plants here, man.

Hikee: In that case, we should retreat. We don't want to end up a Chomper's lunch...

( The gates slam behind the zombies )

Nibbles: Ohmmm shoot! Looks limmmke we'll have to fmmight our way mmmmout! Mmmm.

Brainzy: But where's the exit?

( Brainzy looks at the Seeds Of Time map )

Brainzy: Ahhh, I see... then the exit is through these gardens...

Boltface: Let's take 'em down, then? That'd be groovy, man.

Nibbles: Anmmmd it's be permmmfectly laid out...

Nibbles: for a turf takeover.



Chapter 3

Narrator: The plants are battle-ready and positioned at the first Garden. As the zombies start to progress, the plants prepare themselves for the fight by planting pots and finding strategic locations to shoot from. Meanwhile, the zombies are also getting ready. Boltface is pondering what to do next...

Boltface: I know! I'm gonna go build you dudes a teleporter. Wait here, and just chillax until the teleporter shows up.

( Boltface pulls out his portable jackhammer and rides off in direction of the teleporter's location as specified on the map )

( Peajay spots Boltface out of the corner of his eye )

Peajay: Gah! An engineer, and I know exactly what he's up to!

Sunny: Huh?

Peajay: ( pointing frantically ) He's gonna construct a teleporter! I've gotta stop him!! ( Peajay runs off toward Boltface )

Boltface: Uh oh. Better hurry up or that bum of a peapod's gonna catch me!

Narrator: Meanwhile, Nibbles is formulating a strategy...

Nibbles: Mmmmaybe if we mmmattack here, thmmmme plants wonmmm't suspect a tmmmmhing!

Hikee: Good idea, but I'm getting worried.

Brainzy: Why's that, comrade?

Hikee: Boltface's taking a long time. I think the plants may have vanquished him.

Nibbles: Mmmmmaybe Hikee's mmmrigh-

( At that moment, the nearby rocky cylinder platform's lightbulb turns pink. Electricity sparks all around the pad, a portal slowly forming in the center of the rocks. A transparent purple door rises up from the portal, and a doorknob pops forward from the handle. )

Hikee: Nevermind.

Boltface: Hah! And right in the nick of time, dude!

Peajay: I- I- I... Oh no.

( Nibbles, Brainzy, and Hikee's body frames re-materialize on the teleporter )

Peajay: No!!! I won't let you destroy the park!

( Peajay readies a Chili Bean Bomb, but Boltface quickly stun-bombs Peajay )

Peajay: ( fleeing ) Ack! My eyes! MY EYES!!


( Nibbles pulls out a phone )

Nibbles: ( whispering ) yea, senmmmmd 'er in. thmmmanks.

( The Z-Mech appears next to Nibbles )

Nibbles: Lemmmmt's do this!

Chapter 4

coming soon

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