One of the funniest zombie in PvZGW is the Scientist (IMO). I don't have the game but I looked at some pictures of him on PvZ wiki. He looks funny for the following reasons:

  • His jeans got severely ripped up.
  • He wears a safety glass, which looks funny, but nice at the same time.
  • His hair is pretty unusual for a scientist.

The interviewEdit

Me: Hi, Scientist! I'm Rufus Blanchard. What's your name?

Scientist: I'm Charlie Sanderson.

Me: OK, nice name there. Where do you live, and when were you born?

Scientist: I live at 32 Redfield Street, San Francisco. I was born on December 27, 1962.

Me: Do you work with some other scientists too? Or maybe you work with Zomboss?

Scientist: Um... yeah, I work with Zomboss and some other guys, usually making some new techs with him.

Me: What do you make?

Scientist: Zombots, and our next project will be the Zombot Stealth.

Me: What do you mean by "stealth"?

Scientist: This one doesn't make any noise when moving, so we can just silently destroy someone's defense.

Me: What do you use?

Scientist: A modified gamma ray projector.

Me: Oh, so you make some radioactive weapon?

Scientist: Yeah. This should kill all plants, even those with strong defense.

Me: Wow. Sadistic. BTW, let's go to other topic. Why do you use safety glass?

Scientist: Obviously for safety. Also, sometimes we use steam things that hurts our eyes a lot, so that's why.

Me: Also, why is your jeans ripped up? That looks ridiculous. You should change your clothing.

Scientist: I carelessly walks you know, and if I remember it correctly, it's because I fall a lot when I run, and I fall like ten times or so every month, so that's why.

Me: You look skinny, why?

Scientist: Because I haven't eat any brains in the last few days. Um... GONNA EAT YOUR BRAINS! (lunges at me)

Me: No! Stop that! OUCH!!! Hey, release me!

Scientist: I'll release you after I eat your brains!

Me: (tries to escape) Do you know that this is a LIVE STREAMING?

Scientist: No. Now, I'll eat your brains in an aggressive way. (scratches my head, then eats it, until my brain exposed)


Scientist: Yeah, this is so yummy!

(6 hours later)

Me: (groans) Brainz....... Hey, do you have some brainz?

Scientist: Here. Take it. It's yours

Me: HOW DARE YOU? (chases him)

Scientist: RUN!!!! (gets in his Dodge Neon, then drives away)

Me: Oh no. I lost him. Ahhhhhh!!! He ate my brainz!

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