Story Created by Mattycn


  • Narrator
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Wallnut
  • Winter Melon
  • Melon Pult
  • Melon Pult 2
  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Dr. Zomboss


Narrator: "Nearly everyone loves sunflower! But sunflower isnt actualy the nice flower you know, sunflower is the real commander of the zombies! And here is the story"

*Our story takes place inside the front yard*

Peashooter: Its a nice day, no zombies about!

Wallnut: Yeah, the day is pretty cool, do you agree Winter Melon?

Winter Melon: Yeah, the days so cool, get it?

Most plants laugh, exept for Melon pult.

Melon_Pult: Incomming Zombies!

Sunflower: I just have to go

Peashooter: Why?

Peashooter (Sarcasticly): Are you working for zomboss or something?

Sunflower: No I um... just doing another ... take for zombies on your lawn, yeah another take of zombies on your lawn!

Peashooter: Okay

Melon_Pult: Be back soon, we may need some sun for backup plants!

*A few minutes later, at zombosses lab*

Sunflower: Okay, I think you should start sending out bucketheads, not many plants are on the lawn

Zomboss: Good, I'll send them out, oh wait, don't you have to practice Theres a zombie on your lawn?

Sunflower: Yeah, I'll go now!

Sunflower Leaves,

Zomboss Opens a door revealing buckethead zombies.

Buckethead Zombies: We are ready for battle

*At the front yard*

Melon_Pult: Things are getting tough with the coneheads, we need sunflower!

Peashooter: Oh no! Bucketheads!

Melon_Pult: We have 300 sun, time to plant another melon pult

Another melon pult appears in the yard

Melon_Pult 2: ...  ......   ........

Winter_Melon: Another silent type, anyway theres only 3 more buckethead zombies out of the total 5!

Melon_Pult: Defenitely the silent type: And good!

Melon_Pult 2: ......   ...........  Sunflower Is-

Melon_Pult: What is sunflower?

Melon_Pult 2: Sunflower Is-

Peashooter: Sunflower is a sunflower, idiots!

Melon_Pult 2: Sunflower is... Evil!

Sunflower Comes down in the zomboss Machine

Sunflower: The silent type is right!

Everyone exept sunflower and zombies: Woah!

Sunflower: To kill a plant, you must think like a plant, I have been studying you for months, learning your ways of attack!

Winter_Melon: But- But- But your a plant arent you!

Sunflower: No, i'm a-

Sunflower Rips a mask off to reveal a zombie face

Sunflower: A zombie Sunflower!

Melon_Pult: Not a big suprise, I sometimes hear "Brains" or "Davezz Brainzz" or something comming from you!

Sunflower: Now to... Fireball!

Sunflower sends a huge fireball at all the plants

Narrator: To be continued


They are several areas in the story where they are refrences to the song 'Theres a zombie on your lawn!'

They will be a second part to this story, When its done a link will be posted here!

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