Well, Windows 10 has been released, and I'm happy with it, BUT! I have this unreleased review for THREE years! This was a rant I made before I "died" and turned into a zombie.

I took the pictures from the internet, since I don't have this thing anymore (I upgraded all of my PCs to Windows 10 after it was released). Also, Windows 8 is a hunk of junk anyway.

Well, I got really p**ed off when I installed it on my old Windows XP computer (decided to wipe all the stuff there, since my friend is an a**hole and inserted a virus-infected flash drive there). After finished installing it, I was in for a HUGE surprise.

The "lock screen"Edit


What you'll see before you log in is this stupid "lock screen", as if my PC was a cell phone. There are NO visible instructions to get to the login screen, so I was confused using this thing for the first time. Clicking anywhere will take you to the login screen.

The "start screen"Edit


After logging in, the biggest surprise is here: Instead of taking you to the desktop, it takes you to a thing called "start screen"! Well, I was really surprised that Microsoft decided to be dumb and changed everything simple into complicated ones. I JUST WANT MY PC TO SIMPLY TAKE ME TO THE DESKTOP INSTEAD OF THIS DUMB START SCREEN, M$!!! Fortunately, there's a way to make Windows go to the desktop, but the login process would take longer, since probably M$ wants us to use the start screen after logging in.

You can go to the desktop by clicking the Desktop tile. Most apps will only run properly IF, and ONLY IF you have an internet connection. No connection? Slow connection? Network maintenance? No app!

The desktopEdit


Well, time for desktop showcase. Looks strange? YES IT DOES. The most obvious thing is that THERE IS NO START MENU!!!!!!!!1111 WHY MICRO$OFT? JUST WHY?!

When you click on where the start button was supposed to be (i.e. the bottom-left corner), the crappy start screen will pop up instead of the lovely start menu. How annoying.

There's no Aero here, so say goodbye to the awesome blurred glass effect! Thanks Microsoft.

The Windows Explorer seems to be renamed to File Explorer for some reason, and the classic old games pack that's bundled in older versions of Windows (i.e. Minesweeper and Solitaire) are now gone.

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