• It been two days since the team of the seven plants set of to the lake and their not even half ways yet*

Kernel-pult:I knew making you leader was a bad idea.

Repeater:Like you know any water supply near the zen garden .

Blovor:I just realized that we could of grabs some water from the zen garden but I wasn't think back then.

Sunflower:It's not your fault we were all in panic it's better being together.

Repeater:The lake seems so far away compared to last time I went.

Winter-Mellon:We have surprisingly haven't run into any zombies.

Wall-nut:I'm not sure but this doesn't seem like a place where zombies need anything from.

Blovor:There's something up ahead lookie *points his three leafs forwards*

Winter-Mellon:Looks like ... A village maybe they have some water.

Repeater:Let's head there then

  • the eight plant headed into the plant village*


Puff-shroom:hello welcome to the plantvilla you guys look dry want some water.

All seven:YES

  • they head to a house owned by the puff-shroom and get some water*

Blovor:Hey puff-shroom.


Blovor:mind if I stay with you since my home is destroyed and I got no where to go.

Puff-shroom:Not at all I have an extra room anyway.

Repeater:Let's head off and thank you for the water puff-shroom.

Puff-shroom:Why don't you look around town for a bit before you leave.

Repeater:It can't hurt if we stay for a little while

  • they look around town grab some water and plant food then start to leave on the way out they see two plants*

Ghost pepper:hello.


Ghost pepper:I remember you from the zen garden remember me I was hanging out with jacky.

Wall-nut:You two were always together.

Jack-o-lantern:We were heading to the lake and he happened to find this village.

Repeater:Ya same we were as wellya same we did as well.

Ghost pepper:Seems like you still repeat yourself sometime at least it's getting better.


Jack-o-lantern:We all should stick together it's much safer.

Wall-nut:I can agree with that.

Repeater:We should start heading towards the lake I heard the zombies used a teleporter to teleport to the zen garden it's closer as well.

Ghost pepper:We should head there fast before they get rid of the teleporter.

  • they all headed to the lake racing the zombies to get though it before the zombies destroy it*

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