Pvz The rescuing of Crazy Dave by Throwkirby


  • Almost all the Plants
  • Crazy Dave
  • Throwkirby
  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Imp
  • 6 Buckethead Zombies with swords
  • Robo-Cone Zombie
  • Engineer Zombie
  • 9 Basic Zombies
  • Scientist Zombie

Chapter 1 Crazy Dave gets kidnappedEdit

Crazy Dave and Throwkirby host a party, they invite everyone except the zombies

Peashooter: This party's so much fun!!

All the other plants: Yeah its so awesome thanks Throwkirby!!!

After 3 hours of partying everyone goes to their house then everyone sleeps

Meanwhile at Dr. Zomboss' lab...

Dr. Zomboss: Imp!!!

Imp: What is it boss?

Dr .Zomboss: Time for our new plan...

Imp: Yes, master.

At the lawn...

Basic Zombies: Brainz.

Conehead Zombie: Brainz?

Basic Zombies: Braaaainz.

Conehead Zombie: *Ties up Crazy Dave*

Basic Zombies: *Takes Crazy Dave to Zomboss' lab*

In the morning...

Throwkirby: *Yawns* Plants, we're eating at Taco Bell!

Peashooter: AWW YEAHH

Bloomerang: WOOOO

Chili Bean: *Gets sombreros for everyone*

Throwkirby: Thats strange, Crazy Dave always shows up when we're eating at Taco Bell.

Bonk Choy: Maybe he's in bed?

Scaredy Shroom: Uhh...maybe..Zomboss...captured..him...

Throwkirby: Well I checked his bed and he's not here.

Cactus: Well we can't rescue him on an empty stomach, right?

At Zomboss'  Lab

Crazy Dave: You wont get away with this!!!

Dr. Zomboss: Oh, yes I will, NOW TELL ME HOW TO MAKE ZOMBIFIED PLANTS!!!!!!!

Crazy Dave: No.

Dr Zomboss: * Puts Crazy Dave in a cage* Zombies, Guard the cage, don't let him out.

Zombies: Yes boss.

Chapter 2 The rescuing of Crazy DaveEdit

After Throwkirby gets everyplant tacos...

Chomper: Mmmmm delicious.

Throwkirby: Now lets save Crazy Dave!!!!

Repeater: Yeah!!!

Then Throwkirby and the plants go to one of those places where you get HUGE moving trucks like Uhaul or Enterprise

Throwkirby: *Stuffs most of the plants in moving truck and puts Cob Cannon, Repeater and Snow Pea on top of it* *Hops in moving truck*

Throwkirby: Wait a minute..does anyone feel like we forgot something?

Scaredy-Shroom: AAH A ROCK

Throwkirby: Oh well

Peashooter: (in moving van) Hey look at all this cargo back here! Wood, forks, lightbulbs, sticks, metal and paper.  Hmmmm, AHA!!

Snapdragon: OOH A TV

All the plants: *watching TV*

Throwkirby: Ok, we're at Zomboss estates!! Hey how'd you get all the armor and weapons?

All the plants: We were watching ZackScottGame's Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs.

Throwkirby: Well...ok

UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

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