Pvz The lego brick of DOOM by Throwkirby


  • Dr. Zomboss
  • Crazy Dave
  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Wallnut
  • Foot Soldier Zombie
  • 3 Basic Zombies
  • Imp
  • Giga Garguntaur
  • Throwkirby
  • Conehead Zombie

Chapter 1 The Lucky Lego BrickEdit

Peashooter: *searching Crazy Dave's shed*

Throwkirby: Peashooter, what are you doing?

Peashooter: I'm trying to find something. Something special.

Peashooter: Here it is!!! *holds up dirty lego brick*

Throwkirby: A lego brick?

Peashooter: Not just A lego brick, its my LUCKY lego brick!!!

Throwkirby: Uh, OK...

Meanwhile at Dr. Zomboss' lab...

Dr. Zomboss: Imp!!!

Imp: What is it boss?

Dr. Zomboss: Send in my best zombies!!!

Imp: Yes master.

Chapter 2 The Zombie SeigeEdit

At the lawn...

Crazy Dave: Zombies!!!

  • Sunflower, Wallnut and Peashooter get placed on the lawn*
  • Throwkirby gets a spoon*

Foot Soldier Zombie: Come on zombies dont you want Dave's brains!?!

Conehead Zombie: Brainz?

Foot Soldier Zombie: Yes, Dont you want some?!?

Conehead Zombie: Brainz?

Foot Soldier Zombie: (facepalm)

Peashooter: Zombies, just what I expected.

Throwkirby: HIIIIIIIYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!1!111!one!!!! *kills basic zombies, conehead zombie and foot soldier*

  • Giga Garguntaur gets closer*

Sunflower: *screams*

Peashooter: >:D *throws lego brick in front of Giga Garguntaur*

Giga Garguntaur: *steps on lego brick and throws imp backwards then dies*

Throwkirby: But how did... but it was just a...

Dr. Zomboss: NOOOOO my Giga Garguntaur lost to a DIRTY LEGO BRICK!?!?!?!?!?

                                      THE END

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