UnarmedPotatoMine This fanfic is currently under construction!

Created by:Hyper Tails (Wall|Contribs)




The plants discovered a mysterious ore that mixes 2 plants when they touch it. The plants use the ore to defeat zombies.


Chapter 1: PlanEdit

A day when zombies never attack.

E.D.D.Y.: Sigh, no zombies.

Alex: Lol didn't get nom nom.

Sam: Let's go for a mining trip.

Nimbus: Ask Mr. Dave.

Sam: Dave! Let's go for a mining trip.

Dave: Meh, just wanna ask u guys wanna go for a mining trip. Penny! To... er... What was it?

Penny: Minecraftia?

Dave: Yup, as I said.

Everyplant: ...

Penny: Let's go, everybody.

Chapter 2: The CaveEdit

They arrived at a cave.

E.D.D.Y.: Got missiles Shoots missiles

Buzz: How the heck am I gonna mine?

HT: I'll help Writes that Red Stinger could mine

Buzz: La... La... Mining.

E.D.D.Y.: Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait! Who are you?

HT: HT the creator of this fanfic.

E.D.D.Y.: What r u doin' 'ere?

HT: Just checking by.

Buzz: Found sooooo many diamondzzz.

Everyplant: Wut...

Flint: The best way mining is fire!

E.D.D.Y.: No! Missiles!

Snowy: No! Snow!

Buzz: Petals!

Mash: Ray Light!

Alan: Holo-pickaxe!

Alex: Spikes!

Brian: Brainzzzz lol

Flint: Awwww. come on!!!

Brian: Prepair ur wurst naitmér.

Snowy: Look what I found! It's pretty!

Chapter 3: The OreEdit

The plants battling a huge "wave" of teh zombez.

Alex: Aw! I just waxed my spikes!

Buzz: You don't need to wax it! I need to wax my petals! I have to go doffensive mode!

Snowy: Let's try this out uses ore to touch Flint


Snowy & Flint: Woah. What just happened? My leaves is freezing and burning!

E.D.D.Y.: You 2... mixed!

Snowy & Flint: wut fires chilling burnt peas at zombies and died


Snowy: What just happened?!

Flint: We mixed up.


Chett: Look! I found a rainbow ore!

Everyplant: Oh... crap...

Dave: Let's get back!

Everyplant: K

The End

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