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Species: Human

Age: Assumed 25 years old.

Personality: Crazy man does not have personality right?


Species: Pikachu

Age: 20 years old.

Personality: Friendly, Scaredy.


Species: Human.

Age: Same as Dave.

Personality: Fierce, Unfriendly.


Species: Zombie.

Age: 30 years old.

Personality: Fierce, Genius.


Species: Cockroach.

Age: Less 1 year than Dave.

Personality: Fierce, Bookworm.

Dee DeeEdit

Species: Cockroach.

Age: less 2 years than Joey.

Personality: Similiar to a trash can, for food.


Species: Cockroach

Age: less 3 years than Joey.

Personality: Brandy drinker, Likes candy.


Species: Cat.

Age: 18 years old.

Personality: Scaredy, Weak.


Species: Human

Age: Same as Dave

Personality: Brave, Creepy.


Species: Human

Age: More 1 year than Dave

Personality: Scaredy, Genius.


Species: Star

Age: 23

Personality: Genius, Playful

Om NomEdit

Species: He,s an alien. (Possibly a frog)

Age: possibly 20

Personality: Playful, Devour-it-all.


Species: Robot

Age: Is it logic that robot have ages?

Personality: Genius, Crazy.


Species: Koopa

Age: 30

Personality: Brave, Fierce


Species: Beanish

Age: 20

Personality: Scaredy


Species: Beanish

Age: 25

Personality: Selfish, Unfriendly


Species: Nightmare, Bat

Age: 29

Personality: Fierce, Selfish


Species: Cat

Age: Less 1 year than Oggy

Personality: Friendly, Secret keeper.


Species: Robot

Age: Is it logic that robot have ages?

Personality: Friendly, Slefish

The NommiesEdit

Species: Alien ( ??? )

Age: Same as Om Nom

Personality: Depended


Species: Spider

Age: Same as Om Nom

Personality:Lazy, Thieffy

Episode 1 : Mission OliviaEdit

Ahh... a normal day in Selangor. When suddenly...

Popple: It,s her! Spider! Now!

Spider: String Shot!

The shot hits Olivia

Olivia: What,s with this string.

Popple: Pull it!

Spider: No problem!

Zomboss: Why r u laet!!!!!

Popple: Sorry. Wait where,s James?

Zomboss: Over there * Points Oggy House *

Popple: What did he do?

Spider: I can,t get her! Pull it!

Popple: Right away!

They pulled. But the string cutted by Oggy.

Oggy: It,s Spider.

Dave: Zap him, Coby!

Coby: Aarrgghh!! * Zaps Popple *

Popple: Whoargh!

They flied away.

Antasma, Zomboss, Spider, James, Popple, Fawful: Were blasting of away!

End Episode 1

Episode 2:Coby vs MeowthEdit

One day...

Coby: Meowth again?~pika.

Dave: What do you mean 'again'

And then...

Meowth: Huh? Who,s there? Oh, you Coby. Let,s fight!

Dave: I become the judge!

Pokemon battle! Coby vs Meowth. 500 / 500

Coby used Tackle.

Meowth gets 75 damage. Moewth used Scratch.

Woops, it missed. Coby used FUSION BOLT!

Meowth gains Over 9000! Damage. Meowth fainted.

Then they make a Jedi Fight


Meowth fainted

Coby: We did it!

End Episode 2

Episode 3:The Secret Inside Dave's PanEdit

One day.

Coby: Dave! What,s inside your pan?~pika.

Dave: Secret.


Om Nom: Dave, i,m hungry now.

Dave: Here you go*throws a candy.*

Olivia: Coby?

Coby: No, i don,t know~pika

Olivia: I,ll do it.

Then Olivia pulls Dave's pan of head.

Olivia: What is this?

Dave: Give back my brain!

Olivia: Why do you hide here.

Dave: Well*Crunch* because Zomboss*Crunch* will eat it*Crunch*

It,s seen Om Nom eating his candy.

Dave: Shut up

End Episode 3

Episode 4: Penny's birthdayEdit

Dave: Grr...

Coby: What is this all about?~pika.

Dave: Time Machine.

Doraemon: I have a time machine.

Dave: Attach to the car.

Coby: Whatever~pika.

Doraemon: Dorami! Come here.

Om Nom: Who is her?

Toss: Is it your relative?

Doraemon: She is my sister.

Dorami comes and help.

Dave: Done!

Penny: Hello.

All: Whoargh

End Episode 4.

Episode 5: Fly to ItalyEdit

Dave: All set!

Coby: All set!

Olivia: All set!

Oggy: Not yet.

Mario & Luigi: All set!

Starlow: All set!

All: Let,s go.


Coby: How big~pika.

Oggy: Doesn,t like my Country.

Dave: Let,s go.

In the Plane.
Dave and Olivia is reading. Oggy has aviaphobia. Coby sleeps. Mario, Luigi and Om Nom is eating.

Dave: Similiar to journey to the West.

Coby: Looks like we arrived.

Oggy: Yup.

Dave: Let,s go.

End Episode 5

Movie 2: Oggy is Getting MarriedEdit

One day

Oggy: Yeah, it,s reality.

Dave,Om Nom: Why now?

Olivia: What are you talking about.

Coby: Nothing~pika.

James: Gee. I'll get that for Popple.

Bowser: Really.

James: Yup.

Bowser: Okay.

James use his expanding claw to take the ring from Oggy

Oggy: Hey!

Dave: Get it back!

James: Nope :3

Dave: @#$%&*

Bowser: Catch us if you can! :p

Oggy: My dream!

Coby: Get back!~pika.

Dave: Shop lift! Wait what?

Coby: ...~pika.

Dave: We'll get it anyway.

Oggy: Okay.


Olivia: 500 dollars?

Miles: No, still 650 dollars.

Olivia: Your discounts?

Miles: Oh! Well, normal discount, 25%, 21st century discount, 75%. Oh darn! It,s free!

Olivia: Kay. I mean yay.



Dave: Shoplift! Wait what?

Coby: For Oggy's sake!

Suddenly, a thunder hit Coby

Coby is Evolving amd get,s new superpower

Coby: I finally evolved.

Dave: Whoargh!

Coby: Take this! Gomu Gomu No!

Dave: Haaaaarrggghhh?!?!?!?!

Coby: Pistol!

That attacks hits Bowser

Bowser: What do you that for? Lord Trio!

Suddenly,A koopa with black suit appears

Lord Paraplonk: Yes, master.

Lord Goomb: Why do you called us?

Lord Guy: A party?

All: @#$%&*-+"/$9?!

Coby: Gomu Gomu No! Jet Gatling!

It hits both of them

Oggy: What happened?

Dave: A disaster. Oh, that,s the ring.

Oggy: Yeah!

Dave: Go and win her heart.

30 minutes later

Dave: You get?

Oggy: Yup, but......


Zomboss: We dit 't!

James: Thank to the pocket i have.


Doraemon: Stop!!!!!

James: Nope.

They crashed Doraemon

James: My Turbolawnmower!

Doraemon: Oggy! Use my Turbolawnmower.

Oggy: Okay.

Doraemon: Spins like a Jesternado

Suddenly, the thunder come again and zap Doraemon

Doraemon loses his head

Doraemon: What the?

Coby: That is the superpower thunderstorm. Looks like Doraemon gots pieces power.

Doraemon: Awesome. Now, headshoot!

Doraemon blastes his head

James: How can he do that?

Zomboss: Dat wus imposibel

Doraemon's head hits both of them

James, Zomboss: Where blasting of again!

Dave: We did it!

End Movie 2

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