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The plants were all gathered at the Garden Center. Snow Pea had made a new invention that he said would be "revolutionary". "Behold!" He yelled. "The Time Portal!" He removed a cloak that concealed a large device with a hole in it. "If you press this button, it will create a portal that will take you through time! It's still in the prototype, so you can't choose what time period you go to. Also may act as a vortex." He explained. "So you mean that if we were to jump in we could be taken to caveman-times?" Asked Peashooter. "Affermitave." Said Snow Pea. "Perfect!" Said a voice. "They turned to see Dr. Zomboss. "Attack!" Yelled Gatling Pea. Dr. Zomboss pushed a button on a remote that concealed him in a force feild. "Now that you can't get me, I'll go back in time and make the zombies be here since history!" Dr. Zomboss said maniacally. He opened the portal and jumped in. "We need to stop him!" Yelled Sunflower. "Yeah! Let's jump in!" Yelled Chomper. They didn't have much of a choice, though. The portal had turned into a raging vortex. They were sucked in and went through time.

The EndEdit

To be continued...

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