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The plants landed in the yard of 2 or 3 story house. They heard someone rambling tunes and and someone playing the piano. "Are we in the yard of the house that Beethoven stays in?" Asked Snow Pea. "I think." Said Peashooter. Before they could sort everything out, a zombie in a top hat hobbled onto the lawn. "We need to save Beethoven!" Yelled Cactus. They killed the zombie and it fell to the ground. "Beethoven is only just writing symphony!" Said Marigold. "7th." Corrected Snow Pea. "Whatever." Replied Marigold. "Look! More zombies!" Yelled Chomper, who then dug in for a feast. "Weirdo." Said Repeater. "I heard that!" Yelled Chomper. It was hard defending Beethoven. In the end, Dr. Zomboss came. "Behold! The Zombot Symphony destroyer!" Yelled Dr. Zomboss. The plants fired mercilessly at the robot. Dr. Zomboss sometimes fired pianos at the plants. In the end, they defeated Dr. Zomboss. "You win this time!" Yelled Zomboss, who pulled a lever to travel through time again. The plants jumped through their portal to follow Dr. Zomboss.

The EndEdit

To be continued... By the way, our plants are Peashooter, Sunflower, Snow Pea, Chomper, Cactus, Marigold, and Repeater. Also, sorry. This is Episode 2. PART 1 IS CALLED BEGINING.

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