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The plants landed somewhere scorching hot. The sun was huge and red. "I'm...melting..." Said Snow Pea, faintly. Peashooter and Sunflower supported him. They looked over to a valley where they could see Dr. Zomboss, an imp, and an average zombie. "You fools! There are no brains here!" Scolded Dr. Zomboss. "Sir, the plants will obviously follow us here. This is our chance to destroy them." Assured the imp. "Good idea!" Said Dr. Zomboss. "Hey, writer! hey haven't I said anything yet?" Said the average zombie.
The Fourth Wall has been broken!

Use this when someone breaks the fourth wall.

"Now look what you've done!" Said Dr. Zomboss. "Sorry." Said the zombie. Meanwhile with the plants, Snow Pea was in desperate need of ice. "We need to stop Dr. Zomboss!" Said Marigold. "But Snow Pea is practically dying!" Said Cactus. They all heard a humongous boom. They saw the sun expanding to engulf earth. Both the plants and zombies retreated. To be continued...

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