This is Electro Pea's first fanfic. It's a series, where this is the starting. The beginning of everything.


  • Crazy Dave
  • A whole bunch o'zombies
  • Peashooter

The StoryEdit

In a house in a peaceful neighbourhood, lived a man named Dave. He was called 'Crazy Dave' because he was not quite right in the head. For example, he wore a saucepan on his head.

But one day, the evil ruler of zombies, Dr. Zomboss, sent some zombies to capture every brain on earth... so that the zombies can feast.

In Crazy Dave's lawn...

Crazy Dave: A happy day, a happy lawn, a happy burger, a happy everything! *bite*


Crazy Dave: Brainz? Nah, I'll give you the piece that covers my brainz instead. *slams zombies with his saucepan cap*

Crazy Dave: That'll show you, for ruining my happy life!

Just then, Dave notices a seed packet on the ploor.

Crazy Dave: A seed packet? Well, I'll open it, what could happen?

Crazy Dave: Well, it's just a plant.

Plant: Hi.

Crazy Dave: Hi. Wait, who just said that?

Plant: Me!

Crazy Dave: Oh, a talking plant. Okay then. WAIT, WHAT??? *drops plant*

Plant: What's the matter? By the way, my name's Peashooter, and I shoot peas at enemies to hurt them! The peas are the size of your face!

Crazy Dave: HOW THE HELL CAN YOU TALK???!!!!!!

Peashooter: I am a mutant, made in Bloom and Doom seed co. There are many others like me, actually, except they all aren't pea shooters.

Crazy Dave: Hey, would you mind shooting me?

Peashooter: Why?


Peashooter: Calm down, buddy. Also, *shoots*

Crazy Dave: That hurt.

Peashooter: Well, you asked for it.

Crazy Dave: Fine, I'm convinced. Let's go home! You might be a good guard.

And so they are home.

Peashooter: All you need to do is just give me a complete breakfast everyday!

Crazy Dave: Fine, fine. For now I'll let you free around the house, and if there are any zombies, get them outta my lawn, okay?

Peashooter: Yup.

The end of Day 0!

Day 1 coming soon.

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