Doctor Who 2012 Series 7 Intro00:35

Doctor Who 2012 Series 7 Intro

Play this for the intro. Pretend the plant names are there instead of Matt Smith and all that.

The plants have been teleported forward in time to the day they die. Will they be able to save their lives and the life of Crazy Dave? Find out in this fun-dead episode of PLANT ADVENTURES!


  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Wallnut
  • Chomper
  • Basic Zombies
  • Conehead Zombies
  • Buckethead Zombies
  • Dr.Zomboss
  • Crazy Dave



The StoryEdit


Our plant friends had been teleported to a distant time. Is this real? Is this a fake timestream? Find out in this fun-dead episode of PLANT ADVENTURES!

Repeater: Gah!

A basketball flies over his head

Chomper: Grrrawr (Artillery!)

Sunflower: We need to help Dave!

Wallnut: WELL THEN LET'S GO!!!!

The plant team bolt up into Dave's house, firing at all kinds of zombies.

They see a Cactus cowering in a corner

Cactus: Zombies... big scary zombies..... save me from the monsters....

Repeater: Are you ok?

Cactus: So many...

Repeater: Sunflower, get her somewhere safe. We have to hold the fort.

Sunflower sighs

Sunflower: Yes "sir".

She walks off, helping Cactus along

Crazy Dave: Abedahbadahbedahbah, DIBEEDOBBYDOO! (The zombies were all around me. IT WAS SCARY!)

Repeater: We know. We are going to stay here and help.

There is pounding on the door

Repeater: Everyone stand your ground!

Dr.Zomboss: Hello plantz. Welcome to my death trap. Within 4 minutes my zombie team will drop a bomb which will release a chemical which will leave you unconcious and allow us to eat your brains. Got it?

Zombies bust down the door

Repeater fires tons of peas

Repeater: We can't stay here much longer! They will gas us!

The zombies close in

Repeater: It was nice knowing you all...

Suddenly a spike shoots through a zombie's head.

The zombie feels his head, groans, then falls down dead

Standing there is Cactus and Sunflower

Cactus: These zombies are about to have a real bad day!

All the plants fire and attack the zombies

Cactus: Repeater! To your right!

Repeater turns around and fires at the zombie

Cactus: Guys... do you hear that?

There is a "woooo" sound

Suddenly something crashes through the roof and explodes in a cloud of mist

Repeater: Bomb! Guys... run...

Repeater falls down unconcious

The rest of the plants start to also

Sunflower: Repeater? Guys? Ugh... can't... stay... awake....

Sunflower's vision goes black, the last thing she sees being Dr.Zomboss, laughing in delight.

                                                TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2

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