Episode 1 - Meet The Plants

Doctor Who Opening (Epic Version)01:08

Doctor Who Opening (Epic Version)

Play this for the introduction, but act like instead of "David Tennant" and stuff it says my Intro

Meet our amazing plant friends in Episode 1 of Plant Adventures!

What is Plant Adventures?Edit

Plant Adventures is a series of fanfics about a group of plants that goes on adventures and fights zombies. There are 9 episodes per season and the final 2 episodes will always be 2 part specials. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Plant Adventures Episode 1 - Meet the Plants

The StoryEdit

Peaceful music plays

Narrator: Welcome to Plantsville! Population: A guy and a bunch of plants! This is a perfectly normal village. Or is there something more to this?


Narrator: Appears we have a... um... infestation? Infection? Don't know.

Suddenly a barrage of peas fires at the zombie and the zombie's head comes off

Narrator: Aaaah and here are our plant friends

A Repeater, Sunflower, Chomper, Cactus and Wallnut run out of the Lawn

Repeater: There's too many of them! They are surrounding us!!!

Wallnut: Game over man... game over!

The zombies surround the plant team

                                                     INTRODUCTION (FOR THE LOLZ)





'                                                                     'WALL-NUT


                                                              PLANT ADVENTURES

                                                    CREATED BY: WARRIORGAMING4575

The plant team starts to panic

Sunflower: STOP IT!

The plant team suddenly go silent

Repeater: Erm... YEAH! Plants are plants! Now let's take these zombies down!

He fires peas at the zombies

Soon all the zombies are dead

Repeater: Success!

Wallnut: Um... Repeater

All the plants are looking up

Repeater: We are so pro! Plant high five?

Wallnut: Um... REPEATER

Repeater: Come on guys. High five!

Wallnut: REPEATER!

Repeater: WHAT?!

Wallnut: Big. Bad. Ugly.

Gestures to the Gargantuar standing above them

Repeater: Big? Yup. Bad? Yup. Ugly? Definetly yup. Smelly? Yup. Should we run? Yup.

The plant team all scream in fear and run away

Repeater: You all are a bunch of scaredy plants. He's just a big bad ugly monster that can squish us into jelly with a mere foot. Nothing can go wrong!

Sunflower: Your such a idiot....                                                                      

Wallnut: Problem. Very big very UGLY problem!

Repeater: Hold on....

His mouth bulges up and he shoots a GIGANTIC pea at Gargantuar

The Gargantuar stumbles and then falls down

Repeater: Job well done!

Sunflower: Repeater your glowing...

Repeater: You all are.

Suddenly they flash and then they are gone

Repeater: Where are we?

Sunflower: From the looks of it, I'd say it's the end of our plant lives. And the end of Dave's.

                                                                     END OF EP. 1

'                                                              ' Written By: WarriorGaming4575

                                                             Created By: WarriorGaming4575

                                              Characters Created by: WarriorGaming4575

                                                     EVERYTHING BY: WARRIORGAMING4575



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