Hello! This is by me, or MattyLikesGames2 for others, because, of course you don't know who me is. Well, that'd be you, but I'm referring to "me" as, well, me? *facepalm* There will be things that aren't in the real game in this story. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my first story!

Chapter One: Noon Edit

I sat there, my hands against my head, with a frustrated look on my face as I was crying. The zombies were at my window screaming "Brains" and damaging my windows. "The zombies are close and will kill me," I reminded myself. "And I know it!" I tossed and turned on the carpet, trying to decide what to do. The only thing I could come up with was to run and get help, because I knew that I would not survive on my own. So I used my hands to push me off the floor as I ran out of the room, slide down the stair rails, threw my favorite, blue-with-black-stripes jacket on, and ran out of the door. As I sprinted down the road, I looked up into the rain-cloud-covered sky, and saw an opening with light rays beaming down on me, like a spotlight. Maybe there was hope. Maybe I'd survive.

Chapter Two: Dave Edit

Suddenly, I remembered Crazy Dave. I didn't expect I'd get help from him, but we'll get to that part. I remembered that he was a very crazy nice man, and I thought that he'd need help, even if he was smashing the zombies with that pot he wore on his head. As I'd just gotten done shoving zombies away from me, I sprinted to his house and didn't even mind ringing the doorbell. I searched his house for any trace of him, but since I didn't have any forensics gear, I couldn't find anything. Then I remembered, his basement! He'd be down there, safe? I couldn't bear to think not. I rushed down the basement steps, and skipped the last four steps. I saw him experimenting with a plant, what looked to be a, well, what they call a "Venus fly trap." I also saw a little stage in front of him. He built that fast, I thought. I'd only seen him a few days ago and that wasn't there. "Crazy Dave!" I yelled, as he was adding a bright green glowing liquid to the plant. For you guys, I'll translate what he says. He usually just says gibberish, but I know what it is he's saying. "Matt!" he said. "Good to see you! I was about to come to your house to get you." I was panting and holding my knees. "Thanks," I said. "But what's up with your little chemistry kit?" I asked, pointing to it. "And that little stage?" "I was about to show you; that's why I was going to bring you over. I stood in awe as he unveiled what was behind the curtain.

Chapter Three: Plants are the best medicine Edit

I saw a sunflower, in a pot, with a cute, smiling face. In the other, I saw a green um... thing... with a leaf on the back of its head. "D-Dave? What is- what are THESE things!?" I asked him in shock. "These?" He asked. "This is Sunflower, and this is Peashooter.

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