One day...

Peashooter: What should we do now.

Suddenly. A box captured Peashooter, Snow Pea and Sunflower.

The guys: Ah.

And the box is thrown far far away in the forest. And then the box oppened.

Peashooter: Where am i?

Roto: In the forest

Peashooter: Whoargh! A helicopter zombie.

Roto: I'm not a zombie.

Peashooter: Let see if you proof this * shoots peas *

Nothing happened

Roto: Why you throw that food! I want it!

Peashooter: Ok, here,s for you.

Roto: Thanks

The guys: Let,s be friends.

Roto: Sure, why not.

Then they go to the other place.

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