Peashooter as Luke Skywalker

Sunflower as Princess Leia

Wall-nut as Han Solo

Chomper as Chewbaca

Cactus as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Repeater as Darth Vader

Dr. Zomboss as Emperor Palpatine

Cabbage-pult as R2-D2

Citron as C-3PO

Tall-nut as Lando Calrissian

Bonk-choy as Quin-Gon Jinn

Shadow Flower as Boba Fett

Cultural ReferncesEdit

  • The show that Peashooter was watching, is a reference to Imitater's almanac entry in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • When Chomper says, "Mureal! Were's my dinner?!" That is a reference to Courage the Cowardly Dog.


TV Announcer: We now return to, Potato stuck in a box.


TV Announcer: This has been, Potato stuck in a box.

Peashooter: Boring! What else is on?

(Cuts to Peashooter channel-surfing.)

Cactus: Peashooter! I thought you were going to check on the Zen Garden.

Peashooter: Squash took the job!

(power goes out)

Sunflower: My hairdryer short-circuited!

Chomper: Mureal! Where's my dinner?!

Wall-nut: Peashooter! Can you tell us an story?

Peashooter: How about Star Wars?

All plants: Sure!

Peashooter: Okay! Let's start with Episode IV.

Chapter 1Edit

A long time ago.... possibly in the Far Future....

Plants vs. Zombies

Episode IV, The longest title in the world...

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