Ever wanted to have your fanfic protected? Too much vandals targeting your fanfic? Agent Andrew Martins screwing up your fanfic? Protect it!

Requesting for protection is simple and only takes a few minutes. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to an active admin/bureaucrat's message wall. Currently, Drek'TharSuperSword and Iamarepeater are the most active bureaucrats.
  2. Use this as the message title: "Protect (your fanfic name)" (w/o quotes). The fanfic name MUST be typed correctly, since we'll be having difficulties finding your fanfic if it's not typed correctly. (Well, we copy-paste the fanfic name to our browser's address bar, so that's why)
  3. Write a reason why do you want to have your fanfic to be protected (e.g. finished fanfic, excessive vandalism, etc.). Just want to have your page protected? Simply write "I just want my fanfic to be protected. No additional reasons" or something similar.
  4. Post it to us, and we'll protect the page in approximately 2-4 days. If we don't protect the page after a week, leave a message in our talk page on Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. If we still don't protect your fanfic, that means, we are currently busy and can't check PvZFF Wiki at that time. Try to message another admin/bureaucrat if this happens.
  5. If you see the page's "edit" button turns into "view source", that means the page has been successfully protected.


  • If the fanfic is protected, that means it's FULLY protected, and NOT semi-protected (i.e. only admins and bureaucrats can edit it).
  • You can't edit a protected fanfic, unless if you're an admin or bureaucrat.
  • If you haven't finish your fanfic yet, and the fanfic is protected, you can't finish your fanfic. So, BE SURE TO FINISH YOUR FANFIC BEFORE REQUESTING FOR PROTECTION.
  • You can request us to unprotect the fanfic, but please, don't annoy us by keep requesting us to protect and unprotect your fanfic, or you may be blocked for a week for annoying us.

Requesting for protection removal

Use the same method above, but, put "Unprotect (your fanfic name)" as the title, and write the reason why do you want to have your fanfic unprotected. Again, the FANFIC NAME MUST BE TYPED CORRECTLY TO MAKE PROTECTION REMOVAL EASIER.

Happy editing!

This page was last edited by Drek'TharSuperSword at 16:54, September 11, 2015 (UTC). If you found any spelling and/or grammar errors, contact me or Iamarepeater.

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